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Almanac - Tuesday 8/17/21

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Number 2 Pencils

Today is Tuesday, the 17th of August of 2021,

August 17 is the 229th day of the year

136 days remain until the end of the year

36 days until autumn begins

The sun rises in San Francisco at 6:27:35 am

and sunset will be at 7:58:43 pm.

Today we will have 13 hours and 31 minutes of daylight.

The solar transit will be at 1:13:09 pm.

The first low tide was at 1:14 am at 0.15 feet

The first high tide will be at 8:18 am at 4.37 feet

The next low tide will be at 12:39 pm at 3.11 feet

and the final high tide Ocean Beach will be at 6:50 pm at 6.56 feet

The Moon is currently 70.8% visible

It’s a Waxing Gibbous moon

We’ll have a Full Moon in 5 day on Sunday the 22nd of August of 2021 at 5:02 am

Today is…

Baby Boomers Recognition Day

Balloon Airmail Day

National #2 Pencil Day

National Black Cat Appreciation Day

National I LOVE My Feet Day

National Meaning of "Is" Day

National Nonprofit Day

National Thrift Shop Day

National Vanilla Custard Day

Today is also…

Engineer's Day in Colombia

Flag Day in Bolivia

Independence Day, celebrates the independence proclamation of Indonesia from Japan in 1945.

Independence Day, celebrates the independence of Gabon from France in 1960.

Marcus Garvey Day in Jamaica

Prekmurje Union Day in Slovenia

San Martin Day in Argentina

On this day in history…

1836British parliament accepts registration of births, marriages and deaths.

1945 – The novella Animal Farm by George Orwell is first published.

1953 – First meeting of Narcotics Anonymous takes place, in Southern California.

1998Lewinsky scandal: US President Bill Clinton admits in taped testimony that he had an "improper physical relationship" with White House intern Monica Lewinsky; later that same day he admits before the nation that he "misled people" about the relationship.

2008 – American swimmer Michael Phelps becomes the first person to win eight gold medals at one Olympic Games.

…and if today is your birthday, Happy Birthday to you!

1786Davy Crockett, American soldier and politician (d. 1836)

1873John A. Sampson, American gynecologist and academic (d. 1946)

1887 – Marcus Garvey, Jamaican journalist and activist, founded Black Star Line (d. 1940)

1888Monty Woolley, American actor, raconteur, and pundit (d. 1963)

1893 – Mae West, American actress, playwright, and screenwriter (d. 1980)

1914Bill Downs, American journalist (d. 1978)

1914 – Franklin Delano Roosevelt Jr., American lawyer and politician (d. 1988)

1930 – Ted Hughes, English poet and playwright (d. 1998)

1932V. S. Naipaul, Trinidadian-English novelist and essayist, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 2018)

1934João Donato, Brazilian pianist and composer

1939Luther Allison, American blues guitarist and singer (d. 1997)

1943 – Robert De Niro, American actor, entrepreneur, director, and producer

1943 – Dave "Snaker" Ray, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 2002)

1944Larry Ellison, American businessman, co-founded the Oracle Corporation

1949 – Sue Draheim, American fiddler and composer (d. 2013)

1958Belinda Carlisle, American singer-songwriter

1959Jonathan Franzen, American novelist and essayist

1960 – Sean Penn, American actor, director, and political activist

and here's last Monday and Friday's Almanac...

One of my favorite song writers

the late Dave Carter

was born on this day…

Today is Friday, the 13th of August of 2021,

Triskedeckaphobics, Fear Not!

August 13 is the 225th day of the year

140 days remain until the end of the year.

40 days until autumn begins

The sun rose this morning at 6:24:08 am

and the sun sets tonight at 8:03:52 pm.

We will have 13 hours and 39 minutes of daylight.

Solar noon will be at 1:14:00 pm.

The first high tide was at 2:27 am at 5.08 feet

The first low tide will be at 8:38 am at 0.89 feet

The next high tide at 3:20 pm at 5.88 feet

and the final low tide at Ocean Beach will be tonight at 9:38 pm at 1.42 feet

The Moon is about 21% Visible

a Waxing Crescent.

We’ll have a First Quarter Moon in 2 days on Sunday the 15th of August of 2021 at 8:20 am

Today is…

Blame Someone Else Day

International Left-Handers Day

National Filet Mignon Day

National Kool-Aid Day

National Prosecco Day

Skeptics Day International

Today is also…

Independence Day, celebrates the independence of Central African Republic from France in 1960.

Women's Day, commemorates the enaction of Tunisian Code of Personal Status in 1956. in Tunisia

On this day in history…

1889 – William Gray of Hartford, Connecticut is granted United States Patent Number 408,709 for "Coin-controlled apparatus for telephones."

1906 – The all black infantrymen of the U.S. Army's 25th Infantry Regiment are accused of killing a white bartender and wounding a white police officer in Brownsville, Texas, despite exculpatory evidence; all are later dishonorably discharged. (Their records were later restored to reflect honorable discharges but there were no financial settlements.)

1918 – Women enlist in the United States Marine Corps for the first time. Opha May Johnson is the first woman to enlist.

1961Cold War: East Germany closes the border between the eastern and western sectors of Berlin to thwart its inhabitants' attempts to escape to the West, and construction of the Berlin Wall is started.[4] The day is known as Barbed Wire Sunday.

2020Israel–United Arab Emirates relations are formally established.

…and if today is your birthday, Happy Birthday To You! You share your special day with….

1818Lucy Stone, American abolitionist and suffragist (d. 1893)

1860Annie Oakley, American target shooter (d. 1926)

1895 – Bert Lahr, American actor (d. 1967)

1899Alfred Hitchcock, English-American director and producer (d. 1980)

1919 – George Shearing, English jazz pianist and bandleader (d. 2011)

1921 – Jimmy McCracklin, American blues/R&B singer-songwriter and pianist (d. 2012)

1926Fidel Castro, Cuban lawyer and politician, 15th President of Cuba (d. 2016)

1929Pat Harrington, Jr., American actor (d. 2016)

1930 – Don Ho, American singer and ukulele player (d. 2007)

1933Joycelyn Elders, American admiral and physician, 15th Surgeon General of the United States

1935Alex de Renzy, American director and producer (d. 2001)

1948Kathleen Battle, American operatic soprano

1951Dan Fogelberg, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 2007)

1952Dave Carter, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 2002)

1959Danny Bonaduce, American actor and wrestler

1963 – Valerie Plame, American CIA agent and author

1982 – Sarah Huckabee Sanders, American political consultant and press secretary

Today is the birthday of the great Jazz pianist Bill Evans

Monday, the 16th of August, 2021

It is the 228th day of the year

137 days remain until the end of the year.

37 days until autumn begins

The sun roses at 6:26 am

and the sun sets tonight at 8:00 pm.

We will have 13 hours and 33 minutes of daylight.

Solar transit will be at 1:13 pm.

The first low ti de was at 12:03 am

The first high tide is at 6:48 am

The next low tide at 11:23 am later this morning

and the final high tide at Ocean Beach will be at this evening at 5:49 pm

The Moon is currently 54 % visible

It’s a Waxing Gibbous

We just had a Quarter Moon yesterday

We’ll have the Full Moon in 6 days next Sunday the 22nd

Today is…

Cupcake Day in Australia

National Airborne Day

National Bratwurst Day

National Roller Coaster Day

National Rum Day

National Tell a Joke Day

Stay Home with Your Kids Day

True Love Forever Day

Today is also…

Go-zan no O-ku-r-ibi in Kyoto, Japan

Restoration Day in the Dominican Republic

Independence Day, in Gabon

(Shee-ko-la-ta-da) Xicolatada in Palau-de-Cerdagne, France

On this day in history…

1841 – Enraged Whig Party members riot outside the White House. It the most violent demonstration on White House grounds in U.S. history.

The Whigs are mad at President John Tyler who vetoed a bill calling for the re-establishment of the Second Bank of the United States.

1916 – The Migratory Bird Treaty between Canada and the United States is signed.

1927 – The Dole Air Race begins from Oakland, California, to Honolulu, Hawaii, during which six out of the eight participating planes crash or disappear.

If today is your birthday, Happy Birthday To You! You get to share birthday cake with…

1888T. E. Lawrence,

Hal Foster,

Otto Messmer,

George Meany,

Wallace Thurman,

E. F. Schumacher,

Menachem Begin,

Charles Bukowski,

Fess Parker

Mal Waldron,

Eydie Gormé,

Bill Evans,

Robert Culp

Julie Newmar,

Billy Joe Shaver,

Eric Weissberg,

Kathie Lee Gifford,

James "J.T." Taylor,


Angela Bassett,

Steve Carell,

Today is Thursday, the 12th of August of 2021,

August 12 is the 224th day of the year

141 days remain until the end of the year

41 days until Autumn

The sun rose this morning in San Francisco at 6:23 am

and the sun sets tonight at 8:05 pm.

Today we will have 13 hours and 42 minutes of daylight

The solar transit will be at 1:14 pm.

The next high tide will be at 2:43 pm at 5.67 feet

and the final low tide tonight at Ocean Beach in San Francisco will be at 8:35 pm at 1.75 feet

The Moon is currently 18.8% visible

a Waxing Crescent moon

We will have the First Quarter Moon in 3 days on Sunday

Today is…

Baseball Fans Day


as it was on this day in 1981, The IBM Personal Computer is released.

National Julienne Fries Day

National Middle Child Day

National Sewing Machine Day

as it was on this day in 1851, Isaac Singer is granted a patent for his sewing machine.

Truck Driver Day

Vinyl Record Day

Today is also…

Glorious Twelfth in the United Kingdom

HM the Queen Mother's Birthday and National Mother's Day in Thailand

born on this day in 1932 – Sirikit, Queen mother of Thailand

International Youth Day

Russian Air Force Day

Russian Railway Troops Day

Sea Org Day in Scientology

World Elephant Day

On this day in history…

1865Joseph Lister, British surgeon and scientist, performs 1st antiseptic surgery.

1990Sue, the largest and most complete Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton found to date, is discovered by Sue Hendrickson in South Dakota.

…and if today is your birthday, Happy Birthday to you! You share this special day…

1831Helena Blavatsky, Russian theosophist and scholar (d. 1891)

1867Edith Hamilton, German-American author and educator (d. 1963)

1881Cecil B. DeMille, American director and producer (d. 1959)

1887Erwin Schrödinger, (you know his cat) Austrian physicist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1961)

1907 – Joe Besser, American actor (d. 1988)

1910 – Jane Wyatt, American actress (d. 2006)

1911Cantinflas, Mexican actor, screenwriter, and producer (d. 1993)

1920 – Percy Mayfield, American R&B singer-songwriter (d. 1984)

1924 – Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq, Pakistani general and politician, 6th President of Pakistan (d. 1988)

1926 – Joe Jones, American R&B singer-songwriter and producer (d. 2005)

1927Porter Wagoner, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 2007)

1929Buck Owens, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 2006)

1930George Soros, Hungarian-American businessman and investor, founded the Soros Fund Management

1937Walter Dean Myers, American author and poet (d. 2014)

1939George Hamilton, American actor

1949 – Mark Knopfler, Scottish-English singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer

1950 – August "Kid Creole" Darnell, American musician, bandleader, singer-songwriter, and record producer

1954 – Pat Metheny, American jazz guitarist and composer

1963 – Sir Mix-a-Lot, American rapper, producer, and actor

1975Casey Affleck, American actor