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What Mother's Day Means To Incarcerated Men

bf thames, Steve Drown, Orlando Johnson, and Mayito Guzman
Mr. McCann
bf thames, Steve Drown, Orlando Johnson, and Mayito Guzman at Solano State Prison

From the series Uncuffed:

Mother’s Day is marketed as a celebration of unconditional love, but many of us have complicated relationships with our moms, involving lots of different emotions. Uncuffed producers at Solano State Prison talked about what the day brings up for them.

"Even though I’ve been in here as long as I have, she still sees me for who I really am."
Mayito Guzman

This discussion was hosted and produced by bf thames, Orlando Johnson, Steve Drown, and Mayito Guzman. It was edited by Andrew Stelzer and Eli Wirtschafter, and mixed by James Rowlands.

Uncuffed is produced by people in California prisons. Hear more stories like this by subscribing to Uncuffed in podcast players: WeAreUncuffed.org

KALW’s radio training program in California prisons is supported by the Transformative Arts program, a partnership between the California Arts Council and the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. The producers fact-check content to the best of their ability. All content from inside is approved by a information officer.

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From The Producers Of UncuffedCrosscurrents
Stories from inside California prisons
Brian “bf” Thames has published five non-fiction books while incarcerated over the last 30 years. A pending 6th book advocating self-reliance and better decision making in potentially dangerous encounters is on the way. Learning languages is an exciting pastime for him. He’s become reasonably fluent in French, conversational in Spanish, and learned ASL during the Covid-19 pandemic. His favorite animals are Great Danes, and any variation of parrots/parakeets. Acquiring general knowledge and education about the world and existence tends to make him giddy.
Steve Drown is a producer of KALW's Uncuffed, presenting stories that show the humanity of incarcerated people.