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Almanac - Friday 8/28/20

Read Comics In Public Day 2011 Comics and junk. Junk and comics. By flickr user Laura McDaniel

Today is National Read Comics In Public Day...

Today is Friday, the 28th of August of 2020...

It is the 241st day of the year...

125 days remain until the end of the year.

25 days until autumn begins

67 days until Election Day

Tuesday November 3, 2020

(2 months and 6 days from today)

The sun rises at 6:36 am 

and sunset will be at 7:43 pm.

Solar Noon will be at 1:11 pm this afternoon

The first low tide was at 2:48 am at minus zero point one foot

and the next low tide will be at 2:41 pm at 2.95 feet

The first high tide will be at 10:05 am at 4.95 feet

and the next high tide at 8:47 pm at 6.46 feet

The Moon is 78.3% visible; a Waxing Gibbous

Moon Direction:

261.38° W↑

Moon Altitude:


Moon Distance:

238,227 mi

Next Full Moon:

Sep 1, 2020, 10:22 pm

Next New Moon:

Sep 17, 2020, 4:00 am

Next Moonrise:

Today, 5:14 pm

Full Moon in 5 days on Tuesday the 1st of September of 2020 at 10:22 pm

Last Quarter Moon in 13 days on Thursday the 10th of September of 2020 at 2:26 am

New Moon in 20 days on Thursday the 17th of September of 2020 at 4:00 am

First Quarter Moon in 26 days on Wednesday the 23rd of September of 2020 at 6:55 pm

Today is…

Crackers Over The Keyboard Day

Dream Day Quest and Jubilee

Forgive Your Foe Friday

International Read Comics in Public Day

National Bow Tie Day

National Cherry Turnovers Day

National Power Rangers Day

Race Your Mouse Around the Icons Day

Radio Commercial Day

Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

Red Wine Day

Today is also…

National Grandparents Day on Mexico

On this day in history…

1789 – William Herschel discovers a new moon of Saturn: Enceladus.

1830 – The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad's new Tom Thumb steam locomotive races a horse-drawn car, presaging steam's role in U.S. railroads.

1845 – The first issue of Scientific American magazine is published.

1859 – The Carrington event is the strongest geomagnetic storm on record to strike the Earth. Electrical telegraph service is widely disrupted.

1898 – Caleb Bradham's beverage "Brad's Drink" is renamed "Pepsi-Cola".

1901 – Silliman University is founded in the Philippines. It is the first American private school in the country.

1917 – Ten Suffragettes are arrested while picketing the White House.

1937 – Toyota Motors becomes an independent company.

1955 – Black teenager Emmett Till is brutally murdered in Mississippi, galvanizing the nascent civil rights movement.

1957 – U.S. Senator Strom Thurmond begins a filibuster to prevent the Senate from voting on Civil Rights Act of 1957; he stopped speaking 24 hours and 18 minutes later, the longest filibuster ever conducted by a single Senator.

1963 – March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom: The Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. gives his I Have a Dream speech.

1968 – Police and protesters clash during 1968 Democratic National Convention protest activity.

…and if today is your birthday, Happy Birthday To You!  You share this special day with…

1749 – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, German novelist, poet, playwright, and diplomat (d. 1832)

1774 – Elizabeth Ann Seton, American nun and saint, co-founded the Sisters of Charity Federation in the Vincentian-Setonian Tradition (d. 1821)

1903 – Bruno Bettelheim, Austrian-American psychologist and author (d. 1990)

1908 – Roger Tory Peterson, American ornithologist and author (d. 1996)

1913 – Robertson Davies, Canadian journalist, author, and playwright (d. 1995)

1916 – Jack Vance, American author (d. 2013)

1917 – Jack Kirby, American author and illustrator (d. 1994)

1921 – Nancy Kulp, American actress and soldier (d. 1991)

1928 – Vilayat Khan, Indian sitar player and composer (d. 2004)

1930 – Ben Gazzara, American actor (d. 2012)

1965 – Satoshi Tajiri, Japanese video game developer; created Pokémon

1965 – Shania Twain, Canadian singer-songwriter

1969 – Jack Black, American actor and comedian

1982 – LeAnn Rimes, American singer-songwriter and actress

2003 – Quvenzhané (“Kwah-ven-zha-nay,”)Wallis, American actress