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Progressive propositions win across the country, from abortion rights to Medicaid expansion

On this edition of Your Call, we're discussing propositions that passed across the country.

Vermont, Michigan, and California approved constitutional protections for abortion, while Kentucky and Montana voters rejected measures that would further restrict abortion rights. Oregon became the first state in the country to ensure a constitutional right to affordable health care. South Dakota voted to expand Medicaid. In Nebraska, Nevada, and Washington D.C., voters approved minimum wage increases. Illinois voters amended their constitution to enshrine the right to collective bargaining and organizing. Colorado voted for universal free school lunches.

Meantime, Republicans are attempting to limit the proposition process by asking voters to approve a supermajority threshold, 60 percent, for future measures to be approved.


Sam Rosenthal, political director at RootsAction

Hannah Ledford, campaigns director at The Fairness Project

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