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Your Call

Today on Your Call: How is copyright law affecting our access to information in the digital age?

    On today's Your Call, we’ll talk about the changing landscape of copyright law and the internet.  The suicide of activist Aaron Swartz – who faced federal felony charges for allegedly downloading millions of articles from an archive of scholarly journals – has brought these issues to the fore.  Who should have access to academic research online?  Join us at 10am Pacific Time or post a comment here. How do you think intellectual property should be shared or regulated online?  It’s Your Call with Rose Aguilar and You.


Parker Higgins, activist at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, specializing in issues at the intersection of freedom of speech and copyright, trademark, and patent law

Jessica Richman, expert in network analytics, innovation, and collective intelligence;  co-creator of the twitter campaign #pdftribute to honor Aaron Swartz and the open internet he fought for

John Willinsky, professor of Education at Stanford University; and director of the Public Knowledge Project which is dedicated to conducting research and developing software that extends the public and scholarly quality of academic publishing

Electronic Frontier Foundation

Jessica Richman

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