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Almanac - Wednesday November 15, 2023

Amy LeForge
Clean out refrigerator
Flickr Creative Commons
Amy LeForge

Today is Wednesday, the 15th of November of 2023,

46 days remain until the end of the year.

36 days until winter begins

Water temperature in San Francisco Bay today is 59.2°F

The sun will rise in San Francisco at 6:50:11 am

and the sun sets will be at 4:58:01 pm.

Today we will have 10 hours and 7 minutes of daylight

The solar transit will be at 11:54:06 am.

The first high tide was at 12:33 am at 4.73 feet

The first low tide was at 4:56 am at 3.2 feet

The next high tide will be at 10:52 am at 6.4 feet

and the final low tide at Ocean Beach this evening will be at 6:06 pm at -0.9 feet

Moon rises at 9:31 am

Moon sets at 6:38 pm

Moon: 5.6%

Waxing Crescent

First Quarter Moon in 5 days on Monday the 20th of November of 2023 at 2:50 am

Today is…

American Enterprise Day

America Recycles Day

Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day

Day of the Imprisoned Writer

Geographic Information Systems Day

George Spelvin Day

I Love to Write Day

International Whole Grain Day

Little Red Wagon Day

National Bundt Day

National Educational Support Professionals Day

National Philanthropy Day

National Raisin Bran Cereal Day

National Spicy Hermit Cookie Day

National Zinfandel Day

Pack Your Mom's Lunch Day

Steve Irwin Day

Today is also….

Day of the German-speaking Community of Belgium

Day of the Imprisoned Writer

Independence Day, unilaterally declared in 1988 in Palestine

King's Feast in Belgium

National Tree Planting Day in Sri Lanka

Peace Day in Ivory Coast

Republic Proclamation Day in Brazil

Shichi-Go-San in Japan

Republic Day in Northern Cyprus

The beginning of Winter Lent in the Eastern Orthodox Christian church

If today is your birthday, Happy Birthday to you! You share this special day with….

459B'utz Aj Sak Chiik, Mayan king (d. 501)

1873Sara Josephine Baker, American physician and academic (d. 1945)

1887 – Georgia O'Keeffe, American painter and educator (d. 1986)

1891W. Averell Harriman, American businessman and politician, 11th United States Secretary of Commerce (d. 1986)

1891 – Erwin Rommel, German field marshal (d. 1944)

1905Mantovani, Italian conductor and composer (d. 1980)

1906Curtis LeMay, American general and politician (d. 1990)

1916 – Bill Melendez, Mexican-American voice actor, animator, director, and producer (d. 2008)

1925Howard Baker, American lawyer, politician, and diplomat, 12th White House Chief of Staff (d. 2014)

1929Ed Asner, American actor, singer, and producer (d. 2021)

1932Petula Clark, English singer-songwriter and actress

1932 – Clyde McPhatter, American singer (d. 1972)

1933 – Theodore Roszak, American scholar and author (d. 2011)

1939 – Yaphet Kotto, American actor and screenwriter (d. 2021

1940 – Sam Waterston, American actor

1941Rick Kemp, English singer-songwriter, bass player, and producer

1941 – Daniel Pinkwater, American author and illustrator

1942Daniel Barenboim, Argentinian-Israeli pianist and conductor

1967 – E-40, American rapper and actor

1968Ol' Dirty Bastard, American rapper and producer (d. 2004)

…and on this day in history….

1920 – The first assembly of the League of Nations is held in Geneva, Switzerland.

1965Craig Breedlove sets a land speed record of 600.601 mph (966.574 km/h) in his car, the Spirit of America, at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah.

1966Project Gemini: Gemini 12 completes the program's final mission, when it splashes down safely in the Atlantic Ocean.

1969 – Vietnam War: In Washington, D.C., 250,000-500,000 protesters staged a peaceful demonstration against the war, including a symbolic "March Against Death".

1971Intel releases the world's first commercial single-chip microprocessor, the 4004.

1976René Lévesque and the Parti Québécois take power to become the first Quebec government of the 20th century clearly in favor of independence.

1987 – In Brașov, Romania, workers rebel against the communist regime of Nicolae Ceaușescu.

1988 – Israeli–Palestinian conflict: An independent State of Palestine is proclaimed by the Palestinian National Council.

2001Microsoft launches the Xbox game console.

2006Al Jazeera English launches worldwide.

2012Xi Jinping becomes General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party and a new seven-member Politburo Standing Committee is inaugurated.

2013Sony releases the PlayStation 4 (PS4) game console.

2022 – The world population reached 8 billion.

Kevin Vance created a program of folk music for KALW, A Patchwork Quilt, in October 1991. He grew up in Berkeley during the 1960s and '70s and spent his years learning in public schools, community colleges, bookstores, libraries, and non-commercial radio stations, as well as from the people around him. When he's not on the radio, then he's selling books, taking care of his family, listening to music, entering stuff into a computer, or taking a class.