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Full Speed Ahead: The Roll-Out of San Francisco's Bike Plan

Host: Joseph Pace

Producer: Susan Britton 

With legal obstacles cleared, San Francisco is well on its way towards implementing its long awaited bike plan. In addition to 34 miles of new bike lanes, the plan calls for new bike parking, a regional bike share program and a variety of educational initiatives. All this and more to help the city gear up to meet its goal of 20 percent of trips by bike by 2020.

Being hailed as one of the most progressive bike plans in the US, San Francisco’s vision depends on a transformed streetscape that will allow for the coexistence of cyclists, pedestrians and motorists. And even bolder plans are in the works, including 100 miles of new bikeways criss-crossing the city.

But as what has been a longstanding vision becomes reality, how will the city and its citizens adapt to the necessary changes that are about to come?

How will the city resolve tensions between the needs and wants of cyclists and motorists?

How will the plan address safety violations by cyclists and motorists alike?

Is the City poised to become a biking capital on par with Amsterdam or Copenhagen -- or do more uphill battles loom?


  • Mike Sallaberry, Senior Transportation Engineer with the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency.  He manages part of the SFMTA's Livable Streets Division, which oversees the development and implementation of bicycle, pedestrian and traffic calming projects.
  • Leah Shahum, Executive Director, San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, a 12,000-member non-profit advocacy group dedicated to creating safer streets and more livable communities by promoting the bicycle for everyday transportation.
  •  Daniel Hurtad,, Executive Director, Central Market Community Benefit District, a non-profit organization that provides programs and services to improve the quality of life experienced in the Central Market Street area.