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Cannabis News Roundup: 11.26.14


Marijuana edges out alcohol in Bay Area “impaired” driving stops… Why cannabis causes the “munchies”…  Video: Grannies get high… and more


Denver has surpassed Amsterdam as marijuana capital // msnbc.com  Society has not collapsed. In fact, things seem pretty normal.


Livermore wants to close dispensary //  Insidebayarea.com   The shop meets Compassionate Use Act rules, but the city attorney says, “that act does not require cities to allow dispensaries in their jurisdictions.”

Marijuana passes alcohol in Bay Area “impaired” driving stats // CBSlocal.com   Official says “tests don’t show all people with marijuana in their system were necessarily high, but rather it showed ingestion within the past four hours.”

California’s “rules of the road” concerning drugged driving // SF Gate.     It’s good to review these regulations, especially at this time of year.


IRS Advisory Council recommends “greater latitude” for businesses //  NORML.org   “This [cannabis] industry needs qualified, ethical professionals to help them.”

Black Friday comes to dispensaries // MJ Business Daily  Recreational outlets in Colorado are having weekend sales.  One store is buying a full-page ad in the Denver Post.

Growhouse be gone: San Francisco’s answer to the problem // SFWeekly     A peek inside “one of the nine city-licensed commercial marijuana-growing facilities in San Francisco — the only city in California to inspect and license indoor cannabis cultivation.”


Secondhand smoke from joints also harmful //  SFGate.com  “In the new study, blood vessels hadn’t returned to normal 40 minutes after exposure to marijuana smoke.” [Is this an endorsement for vaporizers? – Ed.]

Why marijuana produces the “munchies” //  Smithsonian.com  Think of this while you’re digesting your Thanksgiving dinner. [From the Archives.]


Patients’ Choice Awards set for food park // sfcannbiscup.com   Annual event in San Francisco this Saturday features music, prizes and food trucks. And it benefits California NORML.


Mr. President, while you’re pardoning that turkey… // SFGate.com   Founder of Can-Do Foundation, which works for clemency of “people serving life for pot,” and others, asks for “the same mercy be afforded to humans” as to the White House turkey.


Grandmas smoke pot for the first time // YouTube.com    “It’s just like being drunk, isn’t it?”  No grandmas were hurt in the making of this video.


[New content is posted on Friday… but Thanksgiving weekend is coming, so this Roundup is a little earlier than usual.]