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WEB EXTRA: The Crosscurrents Newsroom Orchestra

Seth Samuel

Some musique concrète by Seth Samuel, featuring sound recorded by the Crosscurrents staff:

1. Inserting coins into a pay-dryer (recorded by Martina Castro)

2. Singing along with the dryer (Martina Castro)

3. Cicadas (Julie Caine)

4. A radiator (Julie Caine)

5. Landing at Oakland airport (Julie Caine)

6. A bathtub of water (Julie Caine)

7. A dripping tap (Mary Willis)

8. Putting away silverware (Julie Caine)

9. A car alarm (Julie Caine)

10. Coffee brewing (Kristine Stolakis)

11. A phone off the hook (Julie Caine)

12. A three-year-old laughing at funny faces (Alyssa Kapnik)

13. Starting a coffee-maker (Kristine Stolakis)

14. A hammock (Julie Caine)

15. Foghorns (Ben Trefny)

16. Removing a rubber-band from an egg-carton (Alyssa Kapnik)

17. Oatmeal cooking (Leila Day)

This composition was a part of the recent Crosscurrents program dedicated to the work of musician and naturalist Bernie Krause, as described in his recent book, "The Great Animal Orchestra: Finding the Origins of Music in the World's Wild Places."