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Bay Area's Tea Party speaks up

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Though the Bay Area leans fairly left, you don’t have to look under barrels of tea to find local Tea Party supporters. KALW’s Artjoms Konohovs met a few in San Francisco's Justin Herman Plaza and asked how it feels to be a Tea Party supporter in the Bay Area. Here is what they said:

“There is no equality here. It's obvious. It is all one-sided – like the whole state is – it's just worse here in San Francisco. I live in Hayward and at least it's a little more tolerant for both sides.” – Pete Tall, Hayward

“And it is hard to live in the state that always votes in one direction. Because it isn't doing us any good. We just get more and more in debt and don't change our ways. And legislature is being run by the unions, and hardworking people like me just get the shaft and get handed the bill.” – Lorie Sweet, Napa

“We are supposed to be, the Bay Area especially, is supposed to be the place of tolerance and acceptance for everybody. And I've got gay friends and lesbian friends, and transgender friends, and Muslim friends, and Hindu friends... But I get discriminated against because I am a conservative.

“You can't put a bumper sticker on your car, because it gets keyed or torn off... Or just in casual talk at the dog park somebody else says: 'Thank God there are no Republicans here.' And you would just keep your mouth shut. ” – Caroline Vaughn, Marin

“I went through the U.C. system and I feel that I was really indoctrinated to be the liberal and do the liberal thing. And then somewhere in my thirties I have started to question it a little bit, but that was way into my forties that I did my own work, did a lot of homework and I decided that it's not for me.” – Lisa Murphy, Marin