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Santa Clara County Proposition A: Sales Tax Measure

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Measure A is about the renewal of a one-eighth cent sales tax increase in Santa Clara County, keeping most of the county’s total sales tax at 9%.

Voters passed the increase in 2012. Since then, it’s earned the county around 50 million dollars each year. That goes to the general fund, to be used as lawmakers see fit.


Lawmakers say the money should go towards priorities like law enforcement, trauma and emergency care; affordable housing; and supportive services for the homeless.


What’s interesting is that the 1/8th cent sales tax increase doesn’t expire for another five years. But Santa Clara County’s Board of Supervisors put Measure A on the ballot after fearsthat there would be a statewide initiative that would make it harder to raise local taxes. That proposition was eventually pulled from the ballot, but Measure A still stands.


If it passes, the sales tax increase would remain indefinitely.


Supporters of the measure say this money is needed to ensure critical county services, including funding the county hospital and affordable health insurance for children.


The Silicon Valley Taxpayers Association and the Libertarian Party of Santa Clara County oppose Measure A. The President of the Silicon Valley Taxpayers Association says he opposes the measure because he thinks the money will go towards irresponsible government spending instead of basic services.


A survey of 800 people conducted on behalf of the County found around three-quarters of people support the ballot measure.


So, if you support renewing the one-eighth cent sales tax indefinitely, vote YES. If you do not want to renew this sales tax past 2023, vote NO.


Ninna Gaensler-Debs is a reporter and editor for Crosscurrents. Since 2012, Ninna has worn a variety of hats at KALW - she was both a producer and event planner for Localore project Hear Here. Ninna also programmed and organized the Sights and Sounds live events - two in Bayview, and most recently, one in East Oakland.