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Bay Poets

'Sometimes the Moon' by Dr. Naomi Helena Quinonez

Dr. Naomi Helena Quiñonez, Chicana poet, educator and activist, is the author of three collections of poetry: Hummingbird Dream/Sueño de Colibri, The Smoking Mirror and The Exiled Moon. A recent recipient of the City of Berkeley Lifetime Achievement Award in Poetry (2017). She is editor of several publications, such as Invocation L.A: Urban Multicultural Poetry, which won the American Book Award; Decolonial Voices: Chicana and Chicano Cultural Studies in the 21st Century and Caminos Magazine.

Her work appears in publications including Maestrapeace (2019), Voices of Our Ancestors (2019), the Colorado Review, Infinite Divisions and From Totems to Hip Hop to name a few. She has been a featured poet for numerous readings throughout the country, Mexico, Cuba and Spain.


Sometimes the moon

tells us stories

but we don’t hear them

Sometimes the moon

divulges her secrets

to the night

but we don’t listen

Sometimes the moon

waits in shadow

to pour her tales

into our dreams

but we ignore them

We have forgotten

the language

of stars

and the moon’s

ancient tales

about death and dying

and remembrance

The old stories

about how wounds

are made and healed

and how the essence

of our unruly lives

does not vanish

at daybreak

Forgetfulness exiles

the divine feminine

from the cool, creative

indigo twilight

of consciousness

To a sun struck

broken world

a mania of manipulated


and endless destructions

in the stark light of day