Women workers strike & march to demand an end to sexual assault | KALW

Women workers strike & march to demand an end to sexual assault

Sep 26, 2018

  On this edition of Your Call, we’ll discuss how low-wage women workers are advancing protections from sexual assault.

Last week, McDonald’s workers across the country walked off the job to tell the company, 'No more sexual harassment.' A few weeks ago, California janitors marched from San Francisco to Sacramento to support a statewide bill that would strengthen sexual violence prevention procedures for janitors, who often face harassment and assault working night shifts in isolation. What changes are workers demanding to protect themselves?


Saru Jayaraman, co-Founder and president of Restaurant Opportunities Centers United, a group that advocates to raise wages and labor standards for the country's 12 million restaurant workers

Alejandra Valles, chief of staff & secretary treasurer at SEIU United Service Workers West

Annelise Orleck, professor of history at Dartmouth College and author of several books, including We Are All Fast Food Workers Now: The Global Uprising against Poverty Wages

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