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Undercover in a private prison

Jul 7, 2016

Shane Bauer witnessed prison life firsthand during his four months undercover as a guard at the Winn Correctional Center, a private prison in Louisiana. What he experienced is detailed in a report he wrote for Mother Jones.

Bauer was also one of the Mother Jones reporters jailed in Iran on a hiking trip in 2009. He spent 410 days in an Iranian jail on charges of illegal entry and espionage. His now wife, Sarah Shourd, and friend, Joshua Fattal, were also imprisoned. Bauer was released in 2011 and has since written a book about his story. Shane Bauer joined Hana Baba in the KALW studio to talk about his experiences from inside the prison.

BAUER: We should verbally tell them to stop, and call for backup on the radio, but we do not intervene. He said 'If these fools wanna cut each other up, then happy cutting.'

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Bauer’s report is “My Four Months as a Private Prison Guard.”