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Cannabis News Roundup: September 27, 2013

Sep 27, 2013

Record numbers of Californians just say yes… Washington’s joint estimate is 123… Survey results and survey requests… Wrapping paper doesn’t fool TSA… and more.


SF Gate // More California voters think federal laws on marijuana should not be enforced in states with their own regulations (68%) than approve of legalizing marijuana itself (60%). Still, that majority number is substantially different from the number that voted against legalization (54%) just four years ago.

ASA // There’s no mandatory registration database for California’s medical cannabis patients. That’s good for privacy, but it doesn’t provide much information about the state’s patient population. Advocacy group Americans for Safe Access is asking patients to participate in a survey, so that the data can help their efforts. Here’s the link to the ten anonymous questions.

Toke of the Town // The latest results from the annual “Monitoring the Future” survey show a drop in teen usage of alcohol, tobacco and hard drugs, but an increase in marijuana use, back to 1981 levels. The University of Michigan and the National Institute on Drug Abuse have conducted this survey for 40 years.


Secretary of State // A new cannabis legalization ballot initiative was approved to collect signatures today.  Proponents have until February 24 to get 504,750 valid signatures in order for the initiative to qualify for the November ballot in California.

East Bay Express // "As a citizen, a parent, a former undercover investigator and a police officer for many years, my expert opinion on the entire New Prohibition (known as “The War on Drugs”) is that it has been a total failure.” That’s what former police officer Gregg Daly told the San Leandro City Council last week as it considered dispensary regulations. The Council voted 5-2 in favor of drafting a city ordinance and zoning code changes that would allow one or two dispensaries.

KOLO-TV // The Reno City Council is postponing a decision on dispensary regulations until April. State regulations are expected to be in place at that time.

MMJ Business Daily // Women may be happy that San Diego Mayor Bob Filner has resigned after being accused of sexual misconduct, but his departure “has introduced a new level of uncertainty” to the medical marijuana industry in that city.


Chicago Tribune // Illinois has approved medical cannabis, and those serious about getting into the business come to Oaksterdam University for comprehensive training.

This article contains a good overview of the current state of cannabis culture for anyone new to the subject.

WSJ // A Colorado accountant is closing his office to become the chief financial officer of a new firm focusing on buying properties “where [cannabis] is made or sold,” and then leasing them back to the owners. This bureaucratic layer is appealing to cannabis growers and sellers because it shields banks from charges of taking in drug money.


Financial Times // Consider the Dutch. “Dutch policy makers aren’t hippie potheads. They legalized dope because they are cold-headed realists,” says columnist Simon Kuper. “An American kid who buys dope [meaning cannabis] from his dealer can usually get something stronger from his dealer too; a Dutch kid can’t.”


Seattle Times // 123: that’s the number of joints Washington state officials are estimating the average recreational smoker will consume annually once cannabis is legal there. And that’s just the half of it. Getting the number right is important. A low estimate would possibly cause users to go to the black market. A high estimate could see the surplus being transported out of state.

USA Today // Hundreds of people “getting away from it all” in the national parks this year have been cited for cannabis possession, a federal crime. John Denver sang about a “Rocky Mountain High,” and Woody Guthrie sang, “This Land is Your Land,” but remember that Uncle Sam is the property manager.


Whittier Daily News // Approximately one hundred pounds of marijuana was found in checked luggage at Los Angeles International Airport on Wednesday.  The packages were disguised with wrapping paper. No one has come forward to claim the gift bags.