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Tajha Lanier


Artist Jon Paul Bail remembers being at a coffee shop in the East Bay when his friend walked in and said, “Hey, we’re gonna go down to Oscar Grant Plaza and kick it in a tent and spend the night.”

“Really?” he replied. “You’re gonna go down there and do that?”

“Come on, J.P. dude”, his friends continued. “You can’t choose when things go down because you don’t like the weather.”

Bail held his ground, but a few days later, he arrived at the Occupy encampment with some of his artwork.

((LA Times)) // The Supreme Court is set to rule on the constitutionality of President Obama’s health care reform act in the coming weeks. If the so-called “individual mandate” is struck down, California stands to lose. State officials worry that California could lose out on as much as $15 billion annually to provide medical care for the nearly 20 percent of the population that is uninsured…

(SF Gate) // There's still no BART service between Oakland and San Francisco. An early-morning fire at a West Oakland construction site badly damaged tracks, forcing commuters to buses, ferries, or a Bay Bridge that several people have described as a "parking lot." BART hopes to have at least one track open by later today...