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The Unwritten Rules Of Prison

David Haqq and wall.jpeg
David Abdul-Haqq II

From the series Uncuffed:

There's a steep learning curve for people arriving at a California State Prison for the first time. And there's no official handbook explaining how to stay safe or be productive while you're serving your sentence. So, David Abdul-Haqq II is writing one. The book, titled 25 Rules to Life, features important tips he wished he knew when he first came to prison. b.f. thames, one of our producers at Solano State Prison, spoke to Abdul-Haqq about a few of the more unusual items on his list.

“You have to respect the shut down. No yelling out the cells, no beating on the desk or the doors. Nothing that can disturb your neighbors from a good night’s sleep.”
David Abdul-Haqq II

Uncuffed is produced by people in California prisons. Hear more stories like this by subscribing to Uncuffed in podcast players: WeAreUncuffed.org

Original sound design and scoring by Uncuffed’s new sound designer, Eric Abercrombie, AKA Maserati-E.

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