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Meet musicians who are based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

San Francisco band Pleeay urges us 'to resist the call to conform'

The band Pleeay pose for a portrait at Ocean Beach.
Kristin Cofer
The band Pleeay pose for a portrait at Ocean Beach.
"In dance, there's a special kind of elitism. It's in fine art, it's in everything. It's white supremacy, it's fat phobia, it's cis-heteronormativity. It's just prevalent in these elitist cultures and I've spent a lot of time in it. And I make a lot of creative decisions based off of trying to undo that."
Castle Laws

Pleeay is a four-person multimedia “gutterpop” band based in San Francisco. “Gutterpop” is a genre name they coined themselves. It’s part pop music, part contemporary ballet, and part — "so much more." And since the onset of the pandemic they have released their debut album — “Every Body”— and are currently working with the Women’s Audio Mission to release a second titled “Wealth and Hellness.”

This story aired in the April 8, 2024 episode of Crosscurrents.

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Paul C. Kelly Campos is a writer, poet and translator of Irish and Nicaraguan descent. His bilingual work has appeared in NPR’s Next Generation Radio, The Washington Post, KQED Forum, KALW, Prism, The Golden Gate Xpress, Seen and Heard, The San Franciscan, and Borderless magazine.