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Town Hall: Reinventing Journalism to Strengthen Democracy

A conversation with innovators from around the country who are identifying ways journalists can better serve their communities.

We live in a time of deep distrust―of each other, the media, and institutions of all kinds. In the book "Reinventing Journalism to Strengthen Democracy," innovative journalists from newspapers, public radio, civic media groups, and new media collectives examine how we've reached this point. The loss of newspapers and fracturing of the information ecosystem have weakened our sense of a shared identity, but many people have long felt excluded, misrepresented, and unable to see themselves and their experiences reflected in news reporting.

This roundtable conversation features David Plazas, Doug Oplinger, Jennifer Brandel, Martin Reynolds, and Subramaniam Vincent. It explores their work on the most promising approaches to meeting the demands of an engaged, diverse, and restive public.

This event was sponsored by the Charles F. Kettering Foundation and supported by the Society of Professional Journalists of Northern California.

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