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Viking's Choice

Comic book artist Daniel Warren Johnson (<em>Murder Falcon</em>, <em>Extremity</em>) illustrates the music of Viking's Choice. Horns up!
Daniel Warren Johnson
Comic book artist Daniel Warren Johnson (Murder Falcon, Extremity) illustrates the music of Viking's Choice. Horns up!

Updated September 19, 2023 at 8:12 AM ET

Where heavy metal, heady psych, dreamy ambient, furious punk, chooglin' rock, twinkly emo and cotton-candy pop music all come to freak out. All of these disparate sounds make sense in the brain of NPR Music's Lars Gotrich and are documented on his Viking's Choice newsletter

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Sept. 19 Mixtape: Unpopular

Mclusky, "unpopular parts of a pig"
Harvey Milk, "7 Chinese Brothers (R.E.M. cover)"
Caroline Davis, "burned believers [for Agnes and Hugette]"
Dasom Baek, "Tightrope : 외​줄​타​기"
Oriki Tabalá, "El Negro Americano - Canta Sebastian Salgado"
偏執症者 (Paranoid), "市​民​的​不​服​従 (Shiminteki Fufukujyuu)"
Earth, "Angels (The Bug Remix feat. Flowdan)"
Patrick Shiroishi, "how will we get back to life again?"
Mildred Maude (feat. Lorena Quintanilla), "Shifting"
Lydia Loveless, "Sex and Money"
Yuma Zouma, "KPR"
Emma Bowers, "southeast"
Daniel Bachman, "Summer's Fingers Sweetly Linger (Everywhere on Every Side)"
Resavoir (feat. Elton Aura & Whitney), "Sunday Morning"
Vague Imaginaires, "Ond​é​es Cosmiques"
Aaron Dooley, "Funeral of Fireflies"
Pharoah Sanders, "Memories of Edith Johnson"
Kate Carr, "Usually Concealed in Dense Foliage"
Kory Reeder, "Adjacent Spaces"
Shotmaker, "Now and Then"
NÜDE, "Gospel of the Midwest"
Tomb Mold, "Will of Whispers"
Hannah Diamond, "Affirmations"
Koma Saxo, "Watten Koma"
Svitlana Nianio & Tom James Scott, "Eye of the Sea"
Cleo Sol, "Love Will Lead You"

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