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The Spot: Ceremonies

Pak Han
Ritual Performer Dohee Lee speaks about the shamanist inspirations for her works on SFMOMA's new podcast.

This week on KALW's showcase for the best stories from public radio podcasts and independent radio producers...

The Ceremony,” from the SFMOMA podcast Raw Material, October 2016.


San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) has launched a new podcast called Raw Material, which goes deep to engage its listeners with the abstract concepts that tie many modern artworks together, without the listener needing to step foot into a gallery, or even to look upon the artwork in question.

In this episode of Raw Material, they dive into the concepts of ceremony and shamanistic rituals, starting with the practice of ingesting ayahuasca.

This episode comes from Raw Material’s Otherworld season, which documents artists who work within the realm of the unknown: hauntings, magic, divination, and more. You can listen to this season in full at SFMOMA’s website and by subscribing to Raw Material on iTunes or wherever else you listen to podcasts.

Nonagenarian Duo Shows Rushing To Marry Not Always A Bad Idea,” produced by Rebecca Sheir for WAMU’s Metro Connection, April 2015.

We're going to meet a couple that met and married within a one-month span. That’s right, one month. And no, it didn’t happen on the set of a reality TV show, their love story unfolded within their own homes.

From the show Metro Connection on WAMU in Washington D.C., Rebecca Sheir shares their story. You can listen to Metro Connection’s past episodes via their podcast on iTunes and Stitcher, or at wamu.org.

This week's episode featured music from: Black Moth Super Rainbow, Quantic, Django Reinhardt, and Bob B. Soxx & the Blue Jeans.

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