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Sharks of the San Francisco Bay

Photo by David McGuire

They are the Bay's majestic apex predators, critical to the aquatic food web and leading indicators of the health of the entire Bay ecosystem. Yet, relatively little is known about the eleven species of shark who call the San Francisco Bay home. What is the size, range, and biology of each of these populations? How imperiled are they, and how concerned should we be? Tonight we'll speak with scientists and researchers who are working to enhance our understanding of our resident sharks and the threats they encounter in the Bay's urban setting, including pollution, overfishing and habitat degradation. And we'll begin to address the key question as to whether the data we've gathered so far support the creation of a shark sanctuary in the Bay. What would a sanctuary mean for commercial and recreational fishermen and other marine users? And how would a sanctuary in the Bay contribute to shark conservation efforts worldwide?


David McGuire, Director and Founder of the ocean non-profit Sea Stewards and currently the Director of Shark programs with the Turtle Island Restoration Network. He is also a filmmaker and research associate at the California Academy of Sciences.

Christina Slager, Director of Animal Care and Aquatic Exhibits at San Francisco's Aquarium of the Bay, where she directs a Sevengill shark tracking program aimed at conserving the Bay's shark population.

Steve Shirley, Founder of Team Fish Finder, a non-profit organization promoting sustainable sport fishing. He is also a fisherman and shark tagger.