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Three things Californians should know about marijuana policy

"Ranger on marijuana grows eradication duty" by Park Ranger licensed under CC BY-NC-SA, cropped from the original

Advocates of legalizing marijuana in California received some encouraging news this week: On Monday a broad coalition of supporters, including Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom, announced that they’re backing a 2016 ballot measure.

Though Ohio voters soundly rejected a ballot measure to legalize recreational marijuana on Tuesday, the national sentiment may be changing. Just a few weeks ago a federal judge in San Francisco ruled in favor of a small Marin County medical marijuana dispensary — and against the United States Department of Justice.

KALW’s Cannabis Correspondent Steven Short has been monitoring these issues.

GREG ANTON: As I've said to the court, if 50 states say Marijuana is legal, and they still say it's not legal — who is "they?"


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