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Psychedelic Cure: Michael Pollan on his story "The Trip Treatment"

Alia Malley
Michael Pollan

Author and Journalist Michael Pollan usually writes about food, often about your more garden variety mushrooms. But in a recent New Yorker article, he writes about the history and the resurgence of psychedelic mushrooms in medical research. Some doctors are now using their main ingredient to treat anxiety and depression in cancer patients, and also to help people overcome addiction. He sat down with Leah Rose from “The Upshot” podcast to talk about what he calls “The Trip Treatment."

POLLAN: "The suspense is … does he die in a better way than he would have if he hadn’t taken this drug? And the answer clearly for him is yes."

Click the audio player above to listen to the interview.

To listen to the full interview and to find links to Michael Pollan's article, visit theupshotpod.com.