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Cannabis News Roundup: March 27, 2013

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Fourth Amendment still valid… Increased attention on vaporizers… Next week’s debate in San Francisco… and more

(McClatchy) // “Get that dog off my lawn” took on a new meaning yesterday when The Supreme Court ruled that drug-sniffing dogs cannot be used on private property without benefit of a search warrant. Your home is still your castle, and the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution is still in force.

(WestWord) // A bill now in the Colorado House would allow the new Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division (MMED) to establish minimum guidelines for dispensaries. It’s likely to pass the next time it is considered.

(MJ-Business Daily) // A performance audit of the new MMED says it needs to improve oversight and monitoring, among several other suggested changes.

(HuffPost) // Vending machines are slowly coming to California cannabis dispensaries – very slowly.

(Economist) // This editorial endorses e-cigarettes as a nicotine delivery device because they don’t ignite other elements in tobacco, such as tar.  It vaporizes the nicotine. This does not produce smoke, which is a benefit for the user, and those around them. There’s no mention of cannabis here, but vaporizing is a method of ingestion that cannabis smokers should certainly consider, for similar health reasons.

(NYT) // Vaporizers are the way to go for aging Baby Boomers, according to this article, which quotes advocacy groups Moms for Marijuana and Grannies for Grass.


(Commonwealth Club) // Should Marijuana Be Legalized? That’s the topic for a debate sponsored by the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco at noon on Wednesday, April 3. 

Rose Aguilar, host of “Your Call,” KALW’s public affairs program, will try to keep things civil and instructive as Clint Werner, author of “Marijuana Gateway to Health: How Cannabis Protects Us from Cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease” trades debate points with Kevin Sabet, former senior advisor to President Obama's advisor on drugs, and  co-founder of Project SAM, with Patrick Kennedy.

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[A Note to Readers: Cannabis news never takes a holiday, but your aggregator-in-chief does, so there will be no CNR the week of April 1. The next Cannabis News Roundup should be posted April 12. Thank you for reading.]