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Connecting the Dots: Top news stories for Tuesday, March 6, 2012


A record number of lobbyists were hired in 2011 by labor unions, business, and other interests. Union groups like the California Teachers Association are among those who have spent the most...

Former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger also spent a lot of money -- in fines -- for inapropriately spending more than $1 million in campaign funds in 2009. The state ethics committee decided that he was not allowed to use the money for ballot measures unrelated to campaigning...

Speaking of Sacramento, thousands of students marched to the Capitol to protest rising student fees, low state support, and the proposed "millionaire's tax." Dozens were arrested...

In San Francisco hundreds of DUI cases could be dismissed due to police officers mishandling machines that measure alcohol levels. Accuracy tests, which should be done every 10 days, were not done, meaning that many of the readings since 2010 could be wrong...

A new health care system in the Bay Area and across the nation called the John Muir Health pilot program is intended to keep frequent emergency room goers from driving up the cost of American health care. These "patient centered medical homes" focus on doctors coordinating with nurses and others to routinely follow-up with patients and educate them about their health issues. There will be such clinics in Stanford, Albany, Davis, and Santa Rosa by the end of 2012...

And, of course, Rush Limbaugh continues to apologize but advertisers still believe his excuses are inadequate. After calling a Georgetown woman a "slut" for asking her university for free contraception, national advertisers are refusing to further sponsor Limbaugh.

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