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Radio Poets

Every April KALW partners with SFUSD students

Throughout April, you can hear young people read their poems on KALW. The series is produced and edited by Kevin Vance.

You can hear Francisco Javier read his poem broadcast on 91.7 KALW Today Wednesday May 1 at 11:58 this morning and at 5:57 this evening.

Radio Poets 2019 - Ramona Gonzales, "Golazo"

Apr 29, 2019

You can hear Ramona read her poem broadcast on 91.7 KALW today Monday April 29 this morning at 11:58 and this evening at 5:57.

Radio Poets 2019 - Anthony Cardona, "My Name"

Apr 22, 2019

You can hear Anthony Cardona's poem broadcast on 91.7 KALW today at 11:58 this morning and 5:57 this afternoon

Radio Poets 2019 - Vanessa Santos, "Mi Nombre"

Apr 19, 2019

Radio Poets 2019 - Enrique Quinones, "My Feelings"

Apr 18, 2019

You can hear Enrique read his poem broadcast today on 91.7 KALW at 3:04 this afternoon and at 8:58 tonight.

Radio Poets 2019 - Isabela Castro, "Being Short"

Apr 17, 2019

You can hear Isabela Castro read her poem broadcast on 91.7 KALW Today, Wednesday April 17 at 11:58 this morning at 5:57 this afternoon.

Radio Poets - April Barios, "In Other Words"

Apr 15, 2019

Radio Poets 2019 - Christina Fong, "The Sun And I"

Apr 12, 2019
flickr user Stanley Zimny

                                                                                             The Sun and I

                                                 By Christina Fong, Redding Elementary School

Radio Poets 2019 - Russa Bassine, "Set In Motion"

Apr 11, 2019


Radio Poets 2019 - Angelo Tuchez, "In The Forest"

Apr 10, 2019




By Pamela N. Alvarez Sosa, Junipero Serra

Happyness is when you have a lot of joy.

It's when your mom comes back from Mexico.

It's when you go somewhere for the first time.

Peace and Positivity

By Marco Gongora, Paul Revere Elementary School

Peace should spread around the world

like jam on toast...

Radio Poets 2018: Melany Perez, "Stars"

Apr 3, 2018


By Melany Perez, E.R. Taylor Elementary School

The stars look beautiful all night

I always get ready to see them

shine at dawn, shine so bright at night.


Rock Climber 

By Johnny Rodrguez, Marshall Elementary School   


  I used to rely on the hardness and the safety it gave me until, it disappeared.    

Now, I rely on my fingers who keep me safe and stable.

One slip and I fall to my doom.

"My Place Now"

Izabella Arriaza, Junipero Serra Elementary

"In a Paradise"

Aurora Nguyen, Garfield Elementary

"Tofu Like Kung Fu"

Martin Levy, Garfield Elementary

"Life in Mexico"

Chloe Price, Moscone Elementary


Pauline Barrera, Moscone Elementary

"My Life as a Dog"

Justin Fang, Garfield Elementary

"Joy and Yellow"

Leslie Avalos, Junipero Serra Elementary

"A Girl Who Saves the World"

Angelina Fang, Garfield Elementary

"My Side"

Eriberto Jimenez, Marshall Elementary

A Rainbow"

Zelia Curtiss,  Junipero Serra Elementary




Sandra Mendoza, Junipero Serra Elementary

"My Feeling"

Carol Munos, E.R. Taylor Elementary

"Thank You Grandpa"

Marco Gongora, Paul Revere Elementary