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One Planet: COVID-19 And The US Food System Crisis

May 4, 2020

On this edition of Your Call’s One Planet Series, we're discussing the impact of COVID-19 on the US food supply. Across the country, farmers are destroying tens of millions of pounds of fresh food.

Fresh vegetables are being thrown away or left to rot and dairies are dumping milk as millions of families are turning to food banks to get by. What explains this? And what’s being done to address it?


Georgina Gustin, reporter for InsideClimate News, covering climate change and agriculture

Kurtis Alexander, general assignment reporter for The San Francisco Chronicle, covering water, wildfire, climate and the American West

Web Resources:

InsideClimate News: Empty Grocery Shelves and Rotting, Wasted Vegetables: Two Sides of a Supply Chain Problem

San Francisco Chronicle: California dairies dump milk, crops may be left to wither as coronavirus pandemic disrupts food system


CALmatters: Billions in coronavirus aid will go to farms. But farmers say it’s not enough to keep them afloat

The Washington Post:Full fields, empty fridges