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DJ Celskiii and DJ Deeandroid: Bay Area Beats

Aug 31, 2017


You know what scratching sounds like, right? It’s the "ziggah ziggah" noise that happens when a DJ moves vinyl records back and forth under the needle.


From the the mid '70s to the early '90s, DJing exploded in Bay Area Filipino communities, which became the training ground for some of the world’s most influential scratch DJs, such as Qbert, Shortkut and Mix Master Mike.


And that’s the community where the Vallejo-based duo DJ Celskiii and DJ Deeandroid got their start.


In 2003, they founded "Skratchpad", a free monthly DJing event formed "to help preserve hip-hop culture, elevate the art of DJing, and connect the music, culture and people."


Now Skratchpad has expanded to include chapters in Los Angeles, Sacramento, Las Vegas and Portland.



Dj Celskiii: "It's like passing on knowledge and experience. You want to pass it on and come correct with what it is about."

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