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Cannabis News Roundup: Buyers guide to Dolores Park edibles

Aug 19, 2016

DOJ can’t prosecute state-legal medical cannabis ... Prop. 64 ballot statements reined in ... Santa Rosa wants to be a player ... The thriving edibles gray market in Dolores Park ... How pot made “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” ... and more. 


Justice Department blocked from prosecuting state-legal cannabis // Reuters

“The U.S. Department of Justice cannot spend money to prosecute federal marijuana cases if the defendants comply with state guidelines that permit the drug's sale for medical purposes, a federal appeals court ruled on Tuesday.”


Both sides ordered to revise claims in Prop. 64 ballot statements // L.A. Times

“The changes dial back claims by both sides in state voter guides regarding the costs of legalizing marijuana, advertising exposure to children and potential health and public safety effects. Many of the changes modify language that says the measure ‘will’ have a certain impact to saying that it ‘could’ have that impact.”


Santa Rosa wants to be a player in the growing cannabis industry // Press Democrat 

“Perhaps more than any other city in Sonoma County, Santa Rosa has signaled its willingness to welcome the cannabis industry in from the shadows.”

The country club vibe comes to cannabis // SFChronicle

“Real estate broker Marty Higgins disliked the head shop vibe on his trips to local medical marijuana dispensaries, so he created an upscale dispensary, Harvest on Geary Boulevard, that opened in the spring. Last week, he went even more posh, announcing the creation of San Francisco’s first private cannabis club.” Welcome to Harvest.


Cannabis doses: less can be more // BlogTalkRadio

“Recent studies have shown that for many patients, especially for those treating pain, lower doses of marijuana may be more effective than higher doses. The science behind dosing, strain selection and the therapeutic benefits of marijuana [are] explored by Dr. Allan Frankel, one of the world's leading authorities on dosed cannabis medicine.” [AUDIO]


420 Games return to San Francisco // 420games

The goal of next week’s fun run is “to help change the perception of cannabis and the people who use it.” The August 27 event in Golden Gate Park isn’t the typical 5K race. It’s only 4.20 miles, starting at 8:30am. [Editor’s note: Maybe Olympian Michael Phelps will be mentioned.]


DEA “ignoring the gulf between legal requirements and reality” //  SFGate

“When it comes to medical use, however, the federal government should get out of the way and let people decide what works for them and the people they love. And really, how can drug warriors who want to make it harder to prescribe opioids also want to make pain-alleviating medical marijuana off-limits?” That’s the opinion of SF Chronicle columnist Debra Saunders.

Did the DEA just clear the path for Big Pharma? // Alternet

The “DEA makes it clear that its new policy is motivated by more than simply a willingness to increase the nation’s federal supply of legal pot. Rather, the agency’s ultimate goal looks to be the domestic production of pharmaceutically produced medical cannabis products.”


Survey says most pot used by high school dropouts //Washington Post

“Examining a decade of federal surveys of drug use conducted between 2002 and 2013,” the study produces “one of the clearest pictures yet of the demographics of current marijuana use in the U.S.  They found that the profile of marijuana users is much closer to cigarette smokers than alcohol drinkers, and that a handful of users consume much of the marijuana used in the U.S.”

A field guide to Dolores Park edibles // The Bold Italic

 Newcomers and visitors to San Francisco are often surprised by the informal underground economy of marijuana edibles for sale most weekends in Dolores Park. “But after living here for a while, it just becomes common knowledge and another strange-but-totally-normal-for-SF thing to do.” And as always, adhere to the Safety Advisory at the end of this review.

Marijuana helped make “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” so successful //

Ed Asner, who played Lou Grant on the 1970s sitcom The Mary Tyler Moore Show, “believes a reason why the show regularly hit creative peaks was because the writers often smoked weed while working on their scripts.”

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