Building a team within prison walls | KALW

Building a team within prison walls

Sep 26, 2017

The Golden State Warriors preseason starts this coming Saturday. Earlier this month, as something of a warmup, they made one of their regular visits into San Quentin State Prison to visit with inmates and play a game of basketball.

But this is not Steph Curry and Kevin Durant on the court — it’s general manager Bob Meyers and some other staffers, including some Division One ballers. And they usually win.


But this time around the San Quentin Warriors won in a thriller. Here's what it's like to be part of the team:


"I consider team family. Coming from my background, being involved in gangs and things of that nature. But this is my first time actually being able to do something positive where I have supporting casts that believe in me, and that push me and encourage me when I'm doing something positive."

San Quentin Radio is a project in which KALW editors train inmates to report stories from inside prison. San Quentin officials listened to and approved the script and audio for this story prior to broadcast. Thanks to Sam Robinson and Larry Schneider for their help.