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Cannabis News Roundup: April 5, 2013

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Majority approves of cannabis, for first time… Brothers start marijuana super PAC… “Smoke a joint, help a school” coming to Nevada?… and more!

(Forbes) // More people favor legalizing cannabis now than ever before, with a 52 percent majority backing decriminalization.

(EastBayExpress) // The increase in positive opinions on legalization comes after the Washington state and Colorado laws allowing for recreational cannabis. Both states hope to reap substantial tax revenues from the sale of legal cannabis. But that might not happen, according to Mark Keiman, the UCLA professor whose firm is helping Washington state establish their new program.

(TokeOfTheTown) // One of the new rules for Washington’s program, passed Wednesday, introduces a ban on public consumption, including in establishments that sell liquor.

(USAToday) // Celebrity endorsements can help a product’s popularity, so maybe the casual remarks of today’s stars about their cannabis use is also helping it be seen in a better light.

(HuffPost) // A super PAC has been approved to raise unlimited campaign contributions to end cannabis prohibition. The Legalize Marijuana Super PAC hopes to represent a united voice on the issue.

(TokeOfTheTown) // Some of that super PAC money might end up in Alabama, where a bill to regulate cannabis retail sales and hemp production was introduced in the legislature yesterday.

(KTVN) // “Smoke a joint, help a school” could be the slogan for legislation introduced in the Nevada State Assembly yesterday. If passed, revenue from recreational sales would go to schools… just like the California lottery does with gambling.

(NORML) // Licensed marijuana patients in California can grow their own medicine. But if they live in Concord, the plants have to stay in the house, after the City Council banned growing that smelly weed outside.

(SFGate) // Speaking of smells, vaporizers (an alternative to second hand cannabis smoke) come in many shapes and sizes, so the venerable High Times magazine has prepared a buyers guide to help consumers clear the air.

(OaklandNorth) // It was about this time last year that federal agents swooped down on Oaksterdam University in Oakland, taking files and computers. What prompted the IRS and DEA agents to conduct the raid?  Charges have yet to be declared.

(SmellTheTruth) // Let the states experiment with cannabis legalization, says this report from the Brookings Institution. It’s the way the Founding Fathers would have wanted it.