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Vaccine Access Expands Across California, But Only For Some

Vivian Bossieux-Skinner
Oakland Coliseum Vaccination Site

As vaccine access expands across California, some people are still being left out. White residents are getting COVID-19 vaccines at 11 times the rate of Black people and twice the rate of Latinx folks.
A doctor from UCSF told AP News that this could have to do with where the vaccines are being distributed. The state has been allocating most of its doses to larger vaccination sites, such as the Oakland Coliseum or San Francisco’s Moscone Center. 


This means that people who have time, access to information, and can navigate complex sign up processes, have little trouble finding an appointment. While those with a language barrier, have unreliable transportation, or who rely on their primary care doctor or local clinic for information, may be left out.

State officials say they’re trying to be more equitable by setting aside vaccines for communities disproportionately impacted by the virus, and working with local providers and mobile clinics. But several reports show people are getting access to doses not intended for them, and until there’s more vaccine availability the problem will continue.

Originally from the East Bay, Vivian began working in radio at KZSC in Santa Cruz. After KZSC she hosted a show at New York radio station Radio Free Brooklyn, covering artists and art local to NYC. As a KALW intern, she works on news and stories local the Bay Area. Outside of the radio station, she loves to visit galleries and museums and go on hikes.