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Berkeley proposes plans for more housing

Berekely city landscape
Pedro Mendes
Wiki Commons
Berekely city landscape

The city’s new plan would add nearly 9 thousand new housing units by 20-31. But to do this, Berkeley’s City Council is considering eliminating housing density restrictions, including in its Downtown Area.

In response to Berkeley’s growing housing crisis, the city proposed easing limits to allow high-rise buildings over 180 feet. This would allow apartment complexes to be built in areas previously zoned for single family homes.

Some residents are concerned multi-family homes might alter the character of their neighborhoods. But others feel that the zoning restrictions are holding back the city from fully addressing its housing crisis.

If approved, this change would also allow single-family households to become duplexes, triplexes, and fourplexes.

California’s fair housing mandate requires that new development must be spread throughout the city. Building new housing would be difficult in Berkeley’s wealthier neighborhoods because lot sizes are so big per home.