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Environmental group gives California a poor grade on climate change

Ainhoa Goma [www.ainhoagoma.com]
Flickr / Creative Commons

The group’s recent report gave California’s political leaders their first “D” letter grade for 2021 over what it called “inaction” in addressing the climate crisis last year.

The group said the state failed to pass significant climate legislation in the past three years and is not on track to meet the state’s own stated climate goals.

A statement from CEO Mary Creasman, singled out “climate delayers” in the State Senate, specifically 18 Democrats, who received failing grades on the group’s legislative scorecard along with all of the Republican senators. Many Republicans received scores of less than 50.

Creasman complained that the legislators, “talk about climate change but don’t back up those words with action.”

The state Senate tried but failed to pass SB 100 three years ago. That bill would have reduced emissions and built up clean energy sources. Since then, greenhouse gas emissions have been cut by less than two-percent – two to three times less /below the group’s target levels for 2030.

The state got a 67-percent score on the report overall. Governor Gavin Newsom got a better grade – earning  82 percent on the group’s scorecard.