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Almanac - Friday 1/17/20

Hau Dinh
AP Photo
Former U.S. first lady Michelle Obama speaks to female students at the Can Giuoc high school in Long An province, Vietnam, Monday, Dec. 9, 2019. Mrs. Obama is on a visit to Vietnam to promote education for adolescent girls.

Happy Birthday, Michelle Obama!

Today is Friday, January 17, 2020.  Only 291 days until the 2020 Presidential Election.    

  • Sunrise: 7:23am         
  • Sunset: 5:16pm ...giving us 9 hours and 52 minutes of daylight.  58% of the waning gibbous moon will be visible, rising at 12:16am.  

Tides at the Golden Gate                 

  • High: 5:06am/5:29am             
  • Low: 11:24am/10:56pm

Special celebrations & commemorations today…

  • International Mentoring Day
  • International Fetish Day
  • National Cut Your Energy Costs Day
  • National Oysters Rockefeller Day
  • National Hot Buttered Rum Day
  • National Bootleggers Day
  • Arbor Day - Florida
  • Celebration of St. Anthony the Abbot, patron saint of pigs & butchers
  • Cable Car Day
  • Kid Inventors' Day
  • Popeye Day

On this day in…

1377 - The Papal See was transferred from Avignon in France back to Rome.

1562 - French Protestants were recognized under the Edict of St. Germain.

1773 - Captain Cook's Resolution became the first ship to cross the Antarctic Circle.

1795 - The Dudingston Curling Society was organized in Edinburgh, Scotland.

1806 - James Madison Randolph, grandson of U.S. President Thomas Jefferson, was the first child born in the White House.

1852 - The independence of the Transvaal Boers was recognized by Britain.

1871 - Andrew S. Hallidie received a patent for a cable car system.

1882 - Thomas Edison's exhibit opened the Crystal Palace Exhibition in London.

1893 - The Kingdom of Hawaii's monarchy was overthrown when a group of businessmen and sugar planters forced Queen Liliuokalani to abdicate.

1900 - The U.S. took Wake Island where there was in important cable link between Hawaii and Manila.

1900 - Yaqui Indians in Texas proclaimed their independence from Mexico.

1900 - Mormon Brigham Roberts was denied a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives for his practicing of polygamy.

1905 - Punchboards were patented by a manufacturing firm in Chicago, IL.

1912 - English explorer Robert Falcon Scott reached the South Pole. Norwegian Roald Amundsen had beaten him there by one month. Scott and his party died during the return trip.

1913 - All partner interests in 36 Golden Rule Stores were consolidated and incorporated in Utah into one company. The new corporation was the J.C. Penney Company.

1916 - The Professional Golfers Association was formed in New York City.

1928 - The fully automatic, film-developing machine was patented by A.M. Josepho.

1934 - Ferdinand Porsche submitted a design for a people's car, a "Volkswagen," to the new German Reich government.

1938 - "Stepmother" debuted on CBS radio.

1945 - Soviet and Polish forces liberated Warsaw during World War II.

1945 - Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg disappeared in Hungary while in Soviet custody. Wallenberg was credited with saving tens of thousands of Jews.

1946 - The United Nations Security Council held its first meeting.

1949 - "The Goldbergs" debuted on CBS-TV. The program had been on radio since 1931. The TV version lasted for four years.

1959 - Senegal and the French Sudan joined to form the Federal State of Mali.

1961 - In his farewell address, U.S. President Eisenhower warned against the rise of "the military-industrial complex."

1966 - A B-52 carrying four H-bombs collided with a refuelling tanker. The bombs were released and eight crewmembers were killed.

1977 - Double murderer Gary Gilmore became the first to be executed in the U.S. in a decade. The firing squad took place at Utah State Prison.

1991 - Coalition airstrikes began against Iraq after negotiations failed to get Iraq to retreat from the country of Kuwait.

1992 - An IRA bomb, placed next to a remote country road in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, killed seven building workers and injured seven others.

1994 - The Northridge earthquake rocked Los Angeles, CA, registering a 6.7 on the Richter Scale. At least 61 people were killed and about $20 billion in damage was caused.

1995 - More than 6,000 people were killed when an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.2 devastated the city of Kobe, Japan.

1997 - A court in Ireland granted the first divorce in the Roman Catholic country's history.

1997 - Israel gave over 80% of Hebron to Palestinian rule, but held the remainder where several hundred Jewish settlers lived among 20,000 Palestinians.

1998 - U.S. President Clinton gave his deposition in the Paula Jones sexual harassment lawsuit against him. He was the first U.S. President to testify as a defendant in a criminal or civil lawsuit.

2001 - Congo's President Laurent Kabila was shot and killed during a coup attempt. Congolese officials temporarily placed Kabila's son in charge of the government.

If today’s your birthday, you share it with…

  • Benjamin Franklin 1706
  • David Lloyd George (Britain) 1863
  • Carl Laemmle 1867
  • Noah Beery 1883
  • Mack Sennett 1884
  • Marjorie Gateson 1891
  • Al Capone 1899 - Gangster
  • Nevil Shute 1899
  • Vido Musso 1913
  • George Handy 1920
  • Betty White 1922 - Actress
  • Moira Shearer 1926 - Ballerina, actress
  • Eartha Kitt 1927 - Actress, singer
  • Vidal Sassoon 1928
  • Jacques Plante 1929
  • James Earl Jones 1931 - Actor, "Star Wars" movies as the voice of Darth Vader
  • Sheree North 1933 - Actress
  • Shari Lewis (Hurwitz) 1934
  • Maury Povich 1939 - Talk show host
  • Muhammad Ali 1942 - Boxer
  • Chris Montez 1944
  • William Hart (Delfonics) 1945 - Singer
  • Mick Taylor 1948 - Musician (Rolling Stones)
  • Andy Kaufman 1949 - Comedian
  • Steve Earle 1955 - Singer
  • Paul Young 1956 - Singer
  • Steve Harvey 1957 - Actor, comedian
  • Susanna Hoffs (Bangles) 1957 - Singer
  • John Crawford (Berlin) 1960
  • Jim Carrey 1962 - Actor, comedian ("Batman Forever," "Liar Liar," "The Mask")
  • Michelle Obama 1964
  • Shabba Ranks 1966 - Singer
  • Naveen Andrews 1969 - Actor ("Lost")
  • Kid Rock 1971 - Rapper