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From the 1976 political earthquake to Wisconsin birders, check out these new podcasts

WFAE; KCRW; KUT; Iowa Public Radio; WBUR; NPR

Make spring cleaning a little easier this month with a new podcast. The NPR One Team has recommendations from across the NPR Network to get you started.

The podcast episode descriptions below are from podcast webpages and have been edited for brevity and clarity.

Landslide - WFAE


"When President Richard Nixon resigns in disgrace, three unlikely candidates emerge to fill the vacuum: Gerald Ford, savvy veteran of partisan wars. Ronald Reagan, fringe reactionary. Jimmy Carter, cutthroat political animal. These presidents aren't who you thought they were, and their battles against each other redefined the American political landscape.

The result: the hot-button issues, the culture war, and the path to the partisan divide we live with today. For those wondering what happened to American politics and what forces have driven our current division, Landslide is essential listening, and a compelling, stunning true story." Listen to episode one, "Trust."

Embedded - NPR


"NPR's longtime Jerusalem correspondent Daniel Estrin has been covering the war in Gaza almost nonstop for the past five months. In our first episode of a special two-part series, Daniel talks with Embedded host Kelly McEvers about some of the people he's reported on and how he approaches covering this difficult and divisive story." Start listening to the two-part series, Field Notes.

Unsettled - Iowa Public Radio

/ Iowa Public Radio
Iowa Public Radio

"We've come a long way, baby! But how far? Women's roles, women's rights and women's identities in our culture are constantly shifting. On the new season of Unsettled, we explore different aspects of womanhood. We're starting with pivotal moments for women in popular culture. Then we talk feminism, women's reproductive responsibilities, women's labor at home and in the workplace. And - we ask: what does it mean to be a woman today?" Listen to "The Caitlin Clark Effect."

Booming - KUOW


"The Seattle area's been home to many booms over the years. It's brought jobs, people and wealth to the region, but also real growing pains that people here feel every day.

In Booming, KUOW economy reporters Joshua McNichols and Monica Nickelsburg explore hidden connections between technology, cities, work and our day-to-day experiences. We'll ask the important question: how can more of us benefit from the booms and weather the busts?" Start listening to "Dorms for adults."

The Open Ears Project - WNYC Radio

/ WQXR and WNYC Studios
WQXR and WNYC Studios

"From tales of memorable moments in nature and fleeting encounters with strangers – to recollections of music that helped in difficult times – The Open Ears Project features people sharing a personal story about the classical track that means the most to them, and why. Part mixtape, part sonic love letter, each episode creates a moment to reflect on the question, what if we made a habit of opening our ears — to classical music and to each other? Whether seeking an introduction to new pieces or encounters with powerful storytelling, listeners will enjoy brief but enduring meditations with artistic works and soulful stories spanning the range of the human experience." Listen to "Tom Hiddleston on Arvo Pärt and the Infinite."

Beyond All Repair - WBUR


"Imagine if, one day, you are accused of something. Something horrible, violent, heinous. Something you swear you did not do, and nothing you say can convince anyone otherwise — even the people closest to you. That's Sophia Johnson's story. Sophia was starting fresh: A new life, a new husband, a baby on the way. But it all unraveled on January 10, 2002, when her mother-in-law Marlyne Johnson was found bludgeoned to death in her home. Days later, Sophia was charged with the murder. To this day, Sophia swears she didn't do it. But someone says they witnessed it — her own brother. When family betrays family, who do you believe?

In this story of a sibling rivalry beyond compare, WBUR's Amory Sivertson turns the clock back. She reexamines an unsolved case, a family torn apart, and a woman who wasn't believed. From WBUR and ZSP Media, Beyond All Repair is a 10-part true crime investigation into a cold case. The series ends with an answer." Start listening to part one, "Ch. 1: Boxes."

Chirp Chat - WUWM


"With the sun shining a little more lately, you may have noticed more birds chirping — making it a great time to head outdoors and explore our feathered friends. Wisconsin birders join Lake Effect's Xcaret Nuñez monthly to chirp about all things birds." Listen to "A beginner's guide on how to start birding in Milwaukee."

Lost Notes - KCRW


"Long before 'Tainted Love' was an '80s anthem, it was a 1965 B-side by LA's Gloria Jones. We trace the song's journey from a warehouse floor to the annals of pop history.

In season 4 of Lost Notes co-hosts Novena Carmel and Michael Barnes guide you through eight wildly different and deeply human stories, each set against the kaleidoscopic backdrop of LA's soul and R&B scene of the 1950s-1970s. It's a must-listen event for any aficionado of music history and great storytelling." Start listening to "The True Story of 'Tainted Love.'"

¡Vamos Verde! - KUT


"¡Vamos Verde! is a podcast about Austin FC and the community that has grown up around the team. Hosts Jimmy Maas and Juan Garcia talk to players, staff, fans, musicians, and artists to bring you an inside look at the culture of Austin's only professional sports team. From player interviews to looks behind the curtain at what makes the team and the community thrive – it's a soccer podcast for everyone." Listen to "A New Hope: Austin FC's season opener w/ goalie Brad Stuver and singer Mélat."

NPR's Jessica Green and Jack Mitchell curated and produced this piece.

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