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August 19, 2016


Today is Friday August 19, 2016 The 232th day of 2016-- 134 left It is a leap year Sunrise this morning 6:29 a.m. set: 7:55 p.m. 13:24 hours of daylight Moonrise: 8:55 p.m. set: 7:53 a.m. SPECIAL CELEBRATIONS TODAY; Today is National Aviation Day, Ntl Mens Grooming Day, Ntl Hot and Spicy Food Day, Ntl Potato Day, World Humanitarian Day and Independence Day in Afghanistan. This day in History: 1812 - "Old Ironsides" (the USS Constitution) won a battle against the British frigate Guerriere east of Nova Scotia. 1848 - The discovery of gold in California was reported by the New York Herald. 1856 - Gail Borden received a patent for his process of condensing milk by vacuum. 1909 - The first car race to be run on brick occurred at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. 1917 - Team managers John McGraw and Christy Matthewson were arrested for breaking New York City's blue laws. The crime was their teams were playing baseball on Sunday. 1919 - Afghanistan gained independence from Britain. 1929 - "Amos and Andy," the radio comedy program, made its debut on NBC starring Freeman Gosden and Charles Correll. 1934 - Adolf Hitler was approved for sole executive power in Germany as Fuehrer. 1940 - The new Civil Aeronautics Administration awarded honorary license #1 to Orville Wright. 1942 - About 6,000 Canadian and British soldiers launched a raid against the Germans at Dieppe, France. They suffered about 50 percent casualties. 1960 - Francis Gary Powers, an American U-2 pilot, was convicted of espionage in Moscow. 1960 - Two dogs were launched in a satellite into Earth's orbit by the Soviet Union. 1962 - Homero Blancas shot a 55 at the Premier Invitational Golf Tournament held in Longview, TX. It was the lowest score in U.S. competitive golf history. 1974 - During an anti-American protest in Nicosia, Cyprus, U.S. Ambassador Rodger P. Davies was fatally wounded by a bullet while in the American embassy. 1981 - Two Libyan SU-22s were shot down by two U.S. Navy F-14 fighters in the Gulf of Sidra. 1991 - Soviet hard-liners announced that President Mikhail Gorbachev had been removed from power. Gorbachev returned to power two days later. 1998 - The first piece of the 351 foot bronze statue of Christopher Columbus arrived in San Juan, Puerto Rico. 1999 - Lorne Michaels received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 1999 - In Belgrade, thousands of Serbs attended a rally to demand the resignation of Yugoslavia's President Slobodan Milosevic. 2004 - Google Inc. stock began selling on the Nasdaq Stock Market. The initial price was set at $85 and ended the day at $100.34 with more than 22 million shares traded. If Today is your Birthday you share your special day with: Orville Wright 1871 Coco Chanel 1883 Alfred Lunt 1892 Ogden Nash 1902 James Cozzens 1903 Claude Dauphin 1903 Philo Taylor Farnsworth 1906 June Collyer 1907 Ring Lardner Jr. 1915 George Rowles 1918 Malcolm Forbes 1919 Gene Roddenberry 1921 L.Q. Jones 1927 Willie Shoemaker 1931 Debra Paget 1933 Bobby Richardson 1935 Diana Muldaur 1938 Ginger Baker 1939 - Musician (Cream, Blind Faith) Johnny Nash 1940 Jill St. John 1940 - Actress Fred Thompson 1942 - Actor, politician Billy J. Kramer (The Dakotas) 1943 Eddy Raven 1944 Ian Gillan (Deep Purple) 1945 Bill (William Jefferson) Clinton (U.S.) 1946 Tipper Gore 1948 - Wife of Al Gore, co-founder of Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC) Gerald McRaney 1948 Jim Carter 1948 - Actor ("Downton Abbey") Deana (Dina) Martin 1948 - Singer, actor, daughter of Dean Martin John Deacon (Queen) 1951 Jonathan Frakes 1952 Mary Matalin 1953 Peter Gallagher 1955 - Actor Adam Arkin 1956 - Actor Gary Chapman 1957 Martin Donovan 1957 Ron Darling 1960 Morton Anderson 1960 - Football player Eric Lutes 1962 John Stamos 1963 - Actor ("Full House") Kevin Dillon 1965 - Actor ("Entourage") Kyra Sedgwick 1965 - Actress ("The Closer") Lee Ann Womack 1966 - Country singer Tabitha Soren 1967 - MTV reporter Mark McGuinn 1968 Clay Walker 1969 Matthew Perry 1969 - Actor ("Friends") Tags: almanac