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Monday July 1, 2013

  • 182nd Day of 2013 / 183 Remaining
  • 83 Days Until The First Day of Autumn

  • Sunrise:5:52
  • Sunset:8:35
  • 14 Hours 43 Minutes of Daylight

  • Moon Rise:1:20am
  • Moon Set:3:00pm
  • Moon’s Phase:%

  • The Next Full Moon
  • July 22 @ 11:16am
  • Full Buck Moon
  • Full Thunder Moon
  • Full Hay Moon

July is normally the month when the new antlers of buck deer push out of their foreheads in coatings of velvety fur. It was also often called the Full Thunder Moon, for the reason that thunderstorms are most frequent during this time. Another name for this month’s Moon was the Full Hay Moon.

  • Tides
  • High:6:52am/6:43pm
  • Low:12:53am/12:07pm

  • Rainfall (measured July 1 – June 30)
  • Normal To Date:0.0
  • This Year:0.0
  • Last Year:0.0
  • Annual Seasonal Average:23.80

  • Holidays
  • Second Half of the New Year Day
  • Early Bird Day
  • National Gingersnap Day

  • Canada Day-Canada
  • Half-Year Day-China
  • Independence Day-Burundi
  • Independence Day-Rwanda
  • Republic Day-Ghana
  • Freedom Day-Surinam

  • On This Day In …
  • 1863 --- One of the most crucial battles of the Civil War (between the States) began. Confederate General Robert E. Lee led his troops on an invasion of the North.

  • 1847 --- The first adhesive postage stamps went on sale. Ben Franklin graced the nickel stamp while George Washington was pictured on the ten-cent stamp. The cost of mailing a one-ounce letter was 5 cents. That’s more than it cost one hundred years later.

  • 1862 --- It all started with the big bills the U.S. was running up fighting the Civil War. To help pay for the war, Congress established the Bureau of Internal Revenue. President Abraham Lincoln signed the bill into law, making it possible for the feds to collect a three percent tax on incomes ranging from $600 to $10,000, and five percent on incomes over $10,000. The Bureau became the Internal Revenue Service in 1913. It was then that a 16th amendment was added to the U.S. Constitution permitting the Federal Government to once again collect a tax on income. Through a complicated system of rules, the Internal Revenue Service became the official collection agency.

  • 1867 --- This is the day the Confederation of Upper and Lower Canada and the Maritime Provinces became the Dominion of Canada. This Canadian national holiday is known as Canada Day, formerly Dominion Day.

  • 1874 --- The first zoo in the United States opened in Philadelphia, PA. Over 3,000 visitors paid 25 cents (adults) or 10 cents (children) to see the 1,000 animals housed in the Philadelphia Zoological Society zoo.

  • 1893 --- The first bicycle race track in America to be made out of wood was opened in San Francisco.

  • 1916 --- Coca-Cola started using their new contoured bottle to stay ahead of the competition.

  • 1929 --- Elzie Segar created Popeye, the spinach eating cartoon character.

  • 1934 --- The Federal Communications Commission, as mandated in the Communications Act of 1934, replaced the Federal Radio Commission as the regulator of broadcasting in the United States.

  • 1935 --- Benny Goodman and his band recorded the King Porter Stomp for Victor Records on this day. Many people considered this Goodman classic the beginning of the swing era.

  • 1940 --- In Washington, the Tacoma Narrows Bridge was opened to traffic. The bridge collapsed during a wind storm on November 7, 1940.

  • 1943 --- The U.S. Government began automatically withholding federal income tax from paychecks.

  • 1945 --- New York established the New York State Commission Against Discrimination to prevent discrimination in employment because of race, creed or natural origin. It was the first such agency in the U.S.

  • 1953 --- Cheez Whiz was introduced nationwide by Kraft.

  • 1956 --- Elvis Presley appeared on "The Steve Allen Show." He was told not to dance and Allen had him sing "Hound Dog" to a real basset hound wearing tails.

  • 1960 --- Somalia gained its independence from Britain through the unification of Somaliland with Italian Somalia.

  • 1963 --- Birthday greetings go out to Mr. Zip of the United States Post Office. He’s the familiar character seen on the sides of mailboxes and on posters. Mr. Zip was introduced to help educate people to use the 5-digit ZIP (Zone Improvement Program) code. Mr. Zip now has new members of the family. There are four digits after the original five, to get that mail to you even faster.

  • 1967 --- Scott McKenzie scored his first hit with the single, San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair). The song became an anthem for the Love Generation and the young people of flower power. McKenzie also co-wrote a hit for the Beach Boys in 1988, called Kokomo. His songs, San Francisco and Like an Old Time Movie, were written and produced by John Phillips of The Mamas and The Papas.

  • 1968 --- The Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty was signed by 60 countries. It limited the spreading of nuclear material for military purposes. On May 11, 1995, the treaty was extended indefinitely.

  • 1974 --- Isabel Peron became the president of Argentina upon the death of her husband, Juan.

  • 1979 --- Susan B. Anthony, an activist for the cause of women’s suffrage, was commemorated on a U.S. coin, the Susan B. Anthony Dollar. The coin, roughly the size of a quarter, was confused by many with the quarter and the U.S. Treasury Department eventually stopped producing the Susan B. Anthony dollar.

  • 1980 --- "O Canada" was proclaimed the national anthem of Canada.

  • 1981 --- The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that candidates for federal office had an “affirmative right” to go on national television. The ruling limited a TV network’s right to determine when political campaigns begin and who may buy time.

  • 1984 --- The Motion Picture Association of America established the "PG-13" rating.

  • 1987 --- The Grateful Dead's "In The Dark" LP was released.

  • 1994 --- For 33 years, Yasser Arafat was regarded by Israelis as a terrorist and sworn enemy of the State of Israel, never to be permitted on Israeli soil. The leader of the Palestinian Liberation Organization visited the Gaza Strip this day, the result of a signed agreement between Israel and the PLO. The treaty gave the PLO ruling power over the territory and the city of Jericho.

  • 1997 --- The sovereignty over Hong Kong was transferred from Great Britain to China. Britain had controlled Hong Kong as a colony for 156 years.

  • 1999 --- The U.S. Justice Department released new regulations that granted the attorney general sole power to appoint and oversee special counsels. The 1978 independent-counsel statute expired on June 30.

  • 2000 --- Vermont's civil unions law went into effect, granting gay couples most of the rights, benefits and responsibilities of marriage.

  • Birthdays
  • Deborah Harry
  • Liv Tyler
  • Olivia DeHavilland
  • Jamie Farr
  • James Cotton
  • Willie Dixon
  • Karen Black
  • Ywyla Tharp
  • Terrence Mann
  • Fred Schneider
  • Dan Akroyd
  • Evelyn “Champagne” King
  • Carl Lewis
  • George Sand
  • Charles Laughton
  • Princess Diana Spencer
  • Wally Amos Jr.
  • Estee Lauder
  • Leslie Caron
  • David Ross Brower