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City Visions: What Makes Communities Resilient in Crisis?

Apr 1, 2020

Join us for a special edition of City Visions tonight from 9-10pm.  We will have a brief update on the status of COVID-19 in the Bay Area from Erin Allday, health reporter from the San Francisco Chronicle.  Then we will have a panel of experts discussing why some communities are especially resilient during crises and what we can learn from them.


How is the Bay Area handling shelter-in-place? How is your community responding and how are you coping? How will we be changed by this experience?

 Host: Grace WonProducer : Wendy Holcombe Guests:  Erin Allday, Health Reporter from the San Francisco Chronicle 

Huggy Rao, sociology professor at Stanford Business School and the Athol Bean Professor of Organizational Behavior and Human Resources at Stanford.

Dr. Elissa Eppel, Professor and Vice Chair in the Department of Psychiatry at UCSF

 Resources:Resources to help you cope.How you can help others.