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Teresa Cotsirilos

Immigration reporter

Teresa previously worked as a reporter and host at KYUK, where she covered criminal justice, climate change and public health. Her work has appeared at the New York Times, Weekend Edition, The California Report, Alaska News Nightly and other publications. Prior to becoming a journalist, Teresa sold eyepatches at San Francisco’s 826 Valencia and taught sex education in rural Namibia.  Share news tips with her at immigration@kalw.org.

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Santa Clara County’s Board of Supervisors unanimously voted to retain their sanctuary policy on Tuesday. South Bay officials were compelled to review the policy by a brutal murder earlier this year, which raised thorny questions about immigrants’ rights and public safety.

Teresa Cotsirilos / KALW

Latino workers are more likely to die at work than anyone else, and immigrant workers can be particularly at risk.

Ummra Hang

Immigration and Customs Enforcement is targeting long-time residents with criminal convictions, most of whom have lived in the US since fleeing the Cambodian genocide as children.

Frederick Ghai

Becoming a citizen is taking longer and getting tougher, and in California, there aren’t enough legal aid attorneys to go around. Meet one group of Bay Area lawyers who are trying to bridge that gap.

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Last week, a New York judge blocked the Trump Administration’s efforts to add a citizenship question to the 2020 Census. Bay Area leaders are applauding that ruling. They say that asking about citizenship on the Census could have lasting consequences for California residents.