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Concord City Council to finally vote on rent stabilization ordinance

Concord City Hall
Wayne Hsieh
Flickr / Creative Commons
Concord City Hall

Last month, after more than five hours of public comment from both landlords and renters, the Concord City Council postponed voting on a long-awaited rent stabilization ordinance.

But tonight, they will finally vote on whether to establish certain tenant protections, including a three percent cap on rent increases, an expanded rental registry, and “just cause” eviction protections, which include a $3,000 moving stipend when tenants are evicted.

Kristi Laughlin is the campaign director for Contra Costa County at the East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy. She says she doesn’t like to think of this as a fight between landlords and tenants.

“When renters thrive we all thrive. When folks can stay housed and stable, families thrive. When they don't have to spend all their money and their whole paycheck on rent then they can provide more food to their families. They can shop at local businesses, they invest in their local community." 

Landlords and other stakeholders in Concord are strongly opposed to the ordinance. They say it will make being a landlord unprofitable and will disincentivize investments in Concord.

Tenant advocacy groups, tenants, community members, and faith leaders will gather outside of Concord City Hall tonight for a press conference and rally before the vote. Landlords and those who are opposed to the ordinance are also expected to rally outside before.

Concord City Council will not be taking public comment before voting on the ordinance.

Wren Farrell (he/him) is a writer, producer and journalist living in San Francisco.