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From session musician to stunning debut, Audrey Powne shimmers on her album 'From the Fire.'

Australian artist Audrey Powne with KALW Music Editor Tshego Letsoalo at the KALW studio at 25th Street in Oakland, California
Marcus Rosario
Audrey Powne with KALW Music Editor Tshego Letsoalo. Powne's debut LP 'From the Fire' is out now.

London-based Australian artist Audrey Powne is a jazz artist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist who's debut album, 'From the Fire,' was released on April 26 on BBE Records. As a session musician, she's worked on many albums with other artists, but on 'From the Fire,' which she wrote during the pandemic lockdowns, it felt important to stand in the authenticity of her own work. The album weaves cinematic string arrangements with trumpet solos and soul-laced vocals, showcasing Audrey's craft as an arranger and producer who is carving out a singular path in this golden era of modern jazz. She stopped by the KALW studio at 25th Street Oakland to talk about her creative process and why it was important to her to produce the album herself.

"It's the only time in my life that something has really felt like it came to me."

Listen to the full interview above.