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Former Good Magazine writers think about Tomorrow

When the print/online hybrid magazine Good pulled a pivot this month and became a crowd-sourced aggregator instead it meant that its staff writers and editors were out of a job. Mildly ironic for a brand that had been building its identity around the idea of social good, but hey, the bottom line is what it is.

Except the bottom line appears to be that what the Internet wants isn’t another Reddit (Digg is still feeling the pain, by the way) but some good old fashioned shoe-leather reporting. Enter those laid off writers and editors with a Kickstarter campaign for a new, possibly one-shot project they’ve dubbed Tomorrow Magazine.

With 29 days to go in the campaign they’ve already raised their target of $15,000 and are now looking to stretch that amount to put out a better product. Heck, if they can really rake it in who knows what they might be able to pull off.

With everyone convinced that there is no money to be had making journalism it’s really great to see that if you, I dunno, ASK people to pay for work in an upfront manner they actually come through. None of this banner ad and paywall nonsense.

This article was originally published on TurnstyleNews.com on June 25, 2012.