Fog City Blues: Book of J | KALW

Fog City Blues: Book of J

Jan 17, 2018

Old worlds collide in Book of J, as musicians Jewlia Eisenberg (Charming Hostess) and Jeremiah Lockwood (The Sway Machinery) take inspiration from the intersection of the sacred and the radical to create hit songs from out of the depths of American psalmody, Yiddish folklore, and international Jewish liturgical traditions.

Book of J mostly performs songs that started life in Black and White religious communities and were later adopted by organizers for racial, economic and social justice. In the tradition of the Hebrew prophets, the songs ask for devotion and righteousness, and offer power beyond what one still small voice can effect. Sometimes they do Yiddish songs about bad romance, or Armenian songs about cranes; they might draw from Andaluzi piyutim, Tuareg drones, or golden age cantorial fireworks. Expect angels and demons, love and resistance, hard times resolved and destiny fulfilled. The duo joins host Devon Strolovitch live in the studio this Wednesday 1/17 at 9 pm for a preview of their February 2 performance at the SFJazz Center.