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The Intersection + Burning Man

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Burning Man is known for massive, Instagram-friendly art installations that are a stark contrast to the beige, desert backdrop. There are also many smaller projects, labors of love that easily get lost. In this installment, THE INTERSECTION discovers one.

David Boyer / KALW

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Burning Man is pagan at its core with a hellish, flaming aesthetic. It's understandable that many evangelical leaders condemn the event. But why do many devout Christians attend?And what do they do once they're there? THE INTERSECTION finds out. 

Morgan Lieberman

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Burning Man is guided by the so-called "10 Princples," one of which is radical inclusion. What does that mean for people with disabilities? Especially at an event that spans seven-square miles of cracked desert, and the most common form of transit is biking.

Peter Field

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The year was 1996. Attendance had doubled. Two people were run over in their tents. Another died in a head-on collision on the playa. Things had to change. But co-founder John Law wasn’t interested in taming the event he helped start. So he walked away.

Art Meets Motion at Burning Man (excerpt)

Nov 12, 2019
Robin Damore

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This episode of THE INTERSECTION AT BURNING MAN begins where art meets motion, and making meets bureaucracy. The event hasn’t officially started but there’s plenty going on: Camps are being set up, art is being erected and a family of first-time art car makers is hustling to finish up and try to pass the inspection. But they can’t actually drive it until it’s approved by the DMV. As in the Department of Mutant Vehicles.

David Boyer / KALW

THE INTERSECTION looks at changing cities through physical intersections. This time we’re doing something different: The city is temporary and the intersections are conceptual. We’re going to a remote corner of Nevada for Burning Man.