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Quarantine Diaries: Week 6

Apr 30, 2020

Most Bay Area residents are passing their sixth week of shelter-in-place. We’ll hear from a diverse group of locals, including a real estate broker, a new mom, and a funeral director. It’s the Quarantine Diaries.

Plus, at the end of today's episode, we're featuring local musician Lane Sanders, an experimental percussionist based in San Jose who will be releasing new tracks through out quarantine.

Public health officials consider the risks and benefits when making policies about going outdoors right now.  We’ll hear how the question of equity plays into getting outside. Then, we’ll go to the beach to solve a mystery on the shore. And, a Bay Area poet writes about her deep connection to animals and nature.  Plus, we continue our New Arrivals series featuring Bay Area authors.

The Oakland Slow Streets program is hitting a bump in the road with some East Oakland communities. Will the city figure out a way to make the program work for residents? Then, we hear from Chicana artist La Doña on how she found her sound in San Francisco’s Latinx communities. And, we're continuing our "New Arrivals" series featuring Bay Area authors.

Mobile Health Team Efforts Continue / Uncuffed

Apr 27, 2020

A mobile health team in Contra Costa county brings medication to people with addiction living on the streets. Now, the doctor leading that effort worries about the additional challenge the coronavirus poses for them. Then, an incarcerated father and son see each other for the first time in 22 years.

Today, we hear how people around the Bay Area are experiencing their fifth week of quarantine in our continuing Quarantine Diaries series. Then, a reality show star and social media critic has tips for keeping in touch during the shelter in place.


UCSF professor of epidemiology Dr. George Rutherford explains how we've minimized coronavirus deaths so far and talks about a new program that may intrude on our privacy. Then, from The Stoop podcast, we explore how coronavirus is especially affecting black communities.

Courtesy of Meridy Volz

The coronavirus is on all of our minds, and for some, it brings back memories of another public health crisis, when the federal government was slow to respond and communities had to take care of each other: the AIDS epidemic.

San Francisco Immigration Courts / Quarantine Diaries

Apr 16, 2020


How is the pandemic is changing immigration courts in San Francisco? We'll hear from Francisco Ugarte, an immigration attorney with San Francisco’s Public Defender’s Office. Then, after almost a month of sheltering in place, we’ll hear from people all around the Bay Area about daily life during the coronavirus epidemic.

Bay Area dog shelters are seeing a huge increase in interest despite being closed to the public. We’ll find out how dog adoptions work while we’re sheltered in place. Then, Oakland singer Melissa Jones says there’s no one sound for black artists. And, we hear a reading from San Francisco author Wendy Liu.

Fremont has been using boulders to block parking near Tesla, and RV residents who call the area their home have had to find another place to go. Then, some singles are missing sex and intimacy during the shutdown. Plus, we continue our "New Arrivals" series with a reading from "Why We Swim" by Berkeley author Bonnie Tsui.

Domestic workers are losing jobs they rely on to the pandemic, and the jobs they’ve kept could jeopardize their health. We hear how workers are using lessons from past disasters to advocate for their communities. Then, in a story from Uncuffed, an ex-marine in prison faces his own mortality. Plus, we’re bringing Bay Area author readings to you in a new series called "New Arrivals." 

Coronavirus Measures In Uganda / Quarantine Diaries

Apr 9, 2020

An update on the coronavirus pandemic from Uganda. Then, as part of our ongoing Quarantine Diaries series, we’ll hear from people all around the Bay Area about daily life during the coronavirus epidemic.

We'll hear from San Francisco supervisors on the challenges the city is facing moving some unhoused residents into hotels to shelter from the pandemic. Then, we go to Europe and get the latest on the coronavirus situation there. And, religious communities can’t gather in person, but they’re still meeting up online.

How are seniors are coping in this time of isolation? We'll hear how non-profits and an army of volunteers in the Bay Area are working to relieve the anxiety. Then, we continue checking in with reporters around the globe on the coronavirus. Today, we're going to India. And, Oakland pianist and MC, Kev Choice shares the spiritual dimension of his music.

What does the quarantine mean for people who are homeless? We hear how one soup kitchen is adjusting to the shelter-in-place order. Then, we begin a series that looks at how other countries are dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, starting with Australia. And, from our project Uncuffed, how to make a wet burrito if you’re stuck in a prison cell.

Shereen Adel / KALW

It’s been just a little over two weeks since the Bay Area’s shelter-in-place policy took effect. And it has dramatically changed how most of us live and work. Hear from people all around the Bay Area about daily life during the coronavirus epidemic.

What do we actually know about the number of coronavirus cases in the Bay Area? We'll hear about a group of volunteers working to fill in the gaps in testing data. Then, a San Francisco resident is scrambling to meet basic needs in her community during the shelter-in-place order. And, local songwriter Anna Hillburg looks at the city's changing art scene.

San Francisco officials have reduced the jail population by 25 percent because of the coronavirus. We'll hear from District Attorney Chesa Boudin on how the pandemic is forcing change in the criminal justice system. Then, we meet an Oakland barber who’s dealing with the closure of his shop. And, boogie with E Da Boss and Trailer Limon's modern soul project, The Pendletons.

How is the coronavirus crisis affecting high school students? We’ll hear what they think and how they’re coping in an unexpected finale to our podcast tbh: a series by, about, and for teenagers. Then, an incarcerated father finds out that one of his kids has become a celebrity.

Quarantine Diaries / Golden Gate Park Band

Mar 26, 2020

It's been 10 days since the Bay Area’s shelter-in-place policy was announced and it’s already affecting the way we live. We’ll hear from people working and living all around the Bay Area. Then, we’ll hear the tunes of the famous Golden Gate Park band as we continue our tour through the park.

A psychiatrist shares tips for coping with this new reality. Then, Bay Area performers use tech to get through the coronavirus blues. And, how local band Magic Magic Roses turned a new friendship into a decade of making music together. 

Bay Area nurses are on the frontlines of the COVID-19 spread. This week they continue to sound the alarm about staffing and equipment shortages. Then, what happens to victims of domestic abuse when their abusers are homebound? And, bilingual rapper Chhoti Maa talks love, colonialism, and... her grandmother's storytelling magic.

We're also featuring Chhoti Maa for today's local music. Check out her music videos online from the comfort of your home. 

Bringing Inmates Home / tbh: Music As A Family Affair

Mar 23, 2020

As inmates and deputies around the country are testing positive for the coronavirus, San Francisco’s public defender is pushing to bring more people home. Then, in the next episode of tbh, a young musician performs at all the most important celebrations.

Plus, we're continuing to feature local musicians while we're sheltered-in-place. Today, it's Zelma Stone from San Francisco. They were supposed to play a gig this week at Bottom of the Hill. 

While the Bay Area shelters in place, some vets are still working to give sea lions the care they need. We go behind the scenes at the Marine Mammal Center. Then, we answer a question about the Farallon Islands that came from a listener like you. And, we continue our tour of Golden Gate Park, in celebration of its 150th anniversary. 

Low-wage immigrant workers are especially vulnerable during the Bay Area’s historic shelter-in-place order. We'll hear what county officials are doing to help them. We'll also check in on the latest news you need to know about the coronavirus in the Bay Area. Then, we'll hear from an artist who is dismantling the box of beauty standards by leading a movement to reclaim ugly.

It’s day one of the Bay Area shelter-in-place order. We're bringing you the latest on the effects of COVID-19 in the Bay Area. Then, when there’s a health crisis, what happens to our already existing housing crisis? And, a story from Lake Merritt as it celebrates 150 years as a wildlife refuge for the birds.

The Bay Area is ordered to shelter in place beginning at midnight. What do these extreme measures mean? And how is the coronavirus outbreak affecting people who have already been locked down? We'll hear from our Uncuffed team at Solano State Prison and get the latest update on how the coronavirus is impacting the Bay Area. Plus, the next episode of tbh: teenagers are reconsidering the hip-hop industry.

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As the Bay Area shuts down to prevent the spread of COVID-19, who’s being left behind? An update on the coronavirus. Then, we explore the overlooked black history of San Francisco’s waterfront; we find out why there's a city within a city; and we continue our tour of Golden Gate Park.

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First, an update on the coronavirus in the Bay Area. Then, jurors reach a verdict in the murder trial of 18-year-old Nia Wilson, but the Wilson family’s fight isn’t over yet. Will the defendant serve time in a prison or mental facility? And, we meet a dancer in Oakland who doesn’t hear the music he dances to, he feels it.

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We share the latest updates on COVID-19 and how it’s impacting the Bay Area. Then, what does it take to run a trans-inclusive business in Oakland? And, the latest episode in our podcast tbh: by, about, and for teenagers. This one’s on Treasure Island.