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Sustaining Membership

Sustaining Membership at KALW.

More than 2000 KALW members make an ongoing, monthly donation to support Local Public Radio.  They are sustaining members and their contributions play an important role in making it possible for us to conduct just two membership drives a year.  Sustaining memberships help us manage our cash flow and save on mailing costs.  And they keep your mailbox free of renewal requests. 

As a sustaining member, your donation is made on an ongoing basis until you tell us otherwise, by a direct monthly transfer of funds to KALW, either via your credit card or by direct deduction from your checking or savings account (Electronic Funds Transfer, EFT). We encourage members who are comfortable with EFT to set up this kind of monthly payment as it allows all funds to go directly to KALW without credit card fees.

To set up a sustaining membership via EFT, print the simple one-page document below and mail it back to us.

To set up a sustaining membership via credit card, click here to provide the information needed to initiate this donation.

Or, call us at (415) 841-4121  x 1 and we'll be happy to explain the options in detail.

In light of recommendations made by the CDC, most KALW employees are required to work from home for the time being, including our membership team! Thank you for opting to email us in order to get in touch at membership@kalw.org.

Thank you for your support of Local Public Radio.