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Stories from inside California prisons
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KALW teaches people in prisons how to become reporters and audio producers. Using professional-quality equipment, they record and edit their stories from inside prison.

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We share intimate stories of our struggles and triumphs, and of the heartache and forgiveness taking place within these walls. Uncuffed is vulnerable and personal. If you can see the humanity in us, you can see the humanity in everyone.
The Producers of Uncuffed

Uncuffed is supported by Arts In Corrections, a program of the California Arts Council with funding from the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

  • Tommy "Shakur" Ross has been incarcerated for over 36 years. In those decades, he's experienced a lifetime of transformation. He discovered Islam, helped found a radio program, got a college degree, and embraced restorative justice. And a few months ago he was found suitable for parole. But getting to this moment has also been a roller coaster ride. And it's not quite over yet. On the newest Uncuffed episode, we'll hear about the twists and turns of Shakur's long parole journey and how his change has influenced others around him.
  • After over 20 years of incarceration, Uncuffed producer Nate McKinney is going home. Like other lifers in the system, he could have been incarcerated for life. But recently, the Board of Parole Hearings found him suitable to re-enter society. In today's episode, stories of facing the board — and wishes for a friend heading back into the big wide world.
  • Two incarcerated fathers share the pain of seeing their sons follow in their own footsteps.
  • When someone is sent to prison for the first time, how do they figure out all the little dos and don'ts?
  • From the series Uncuffed:When undocumented immigrants are released from prison they can face deportation. Charles Joseph, who was born in Fiji, says…
  • Quinton Gray talks about his life-long struggle with mental illness—and the assumptions people make about him.
  • How can you learn to be a father, from inside prison, to a child whose voice you’ve never even heard?
  • Two men discuss the pain of losing a sibling to suicide. And the struggle to process that pain, while inside prison.
  • After serving a sentence in prison, re-entry into the free world can come with complicated feelings and experiences – especially when release comes in the middle of a global pandemic.Uncuffed producers Chanthon Bun and Joe Kirk were both released in 2020 and are still adjusting to life after prison. Kirk spent time in the shelter system, and Bun has a deportation order hanging over his head. But despite their struggles, they both find meaning in helping others, and fighting for change.In this episode: stories about what happens when you get out of prison. And, the Uncuffed producers at Solano State Prison talk about their own concerns and dreams for when they are released. Subscribe to Uncuffed at www.WeAreUncuffed.org.
  • From the series Uncuffed:After two decades in prison, Andrew Peralta's re-entry was going great ... until it wasn't.