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Cannabis News Roundup: November 18, 2012


(HuffPost) // Governor Jerry Brown has told the federal government  to back off on marijuana policy, calling it a states’ rights issue. Here’s a link to the CNN video.

(SFGate) // And this editorial by a former U.S. attorney agrees that it’s up to the states to decriminalize cannabis.

(KIRO) // The Seattle Police are planning for the transition of cannabis from illegal to legal when the change takes place statewide in Washington next month.

(MMJ Business Daily) // Wall Street is paying attention to the changes in regulations.  MedBox, Inc., a Southern California company that makes automated cannabis dispensary machines, was trading at about $3/share before the elections. After the cannabis victories in Colorado and Washington - and a story in the Wall Street Journal - shares jumped to over $200 each. That bubble has since deflated, but values this week are around $60, a nice increase over the pre-election prices. A reminder to potential investors: federal law still says the product being dispensed in these vending machines is illegal.

(Salon) Columnist: It’s time for President Obama to take a stand on cannabis legislation in this country, and to end “a failed prohibitionist policy.”

((Associated Press) // The U.S. might consider looking to one of our Latin American neighbors in that regard. Uruguay is expected to pass a national cannabis program by the end of this year, regulating production, sale, and consumption of the plant.

(NPR) // Even public broadcasting is paying attention to this issue.  First PBS travel writer Rick Steves campaigned for legalization in his home state (as a private citizen), then NPR’s Terry Gross had a guest discussing the future of legalizing and regulating cannabis. Are the “Car Talk” guys next? They’re from Massachusetts, which is the 18th state to approve cannabis for medical use. That might explain all their raucous laughter….